Chatting it up with GofP

Just went over tonight and visited with the Goddess of Pomona and Mr. Big. The vegetable garden I helped them establish in their backyard has turned out great and is going gangbusters. And the tomato plants that we got from The Garden are enormous!

As for the Goddess of Pomona and hir familial associates, they all seem to be doing well. We talked about hir Sunday, they went out to Puddingstone and had a day at the lake. Their doggie has the hots for a stray in the neighborhood. And they asked me about my day at church: We had a lovely coffee hour after church and the Sunday school class was all about the life of Mary Magdalene. I actually got bored half-way through class and took off, but what I did hear was fascinating information. Been working the rest of the day on web site stuff for a client.

We also talked a bit about the coming rally-up to save the Pomona boys in blue. I know a lot of people that are really for it. I really don’t have a preference and don’t really feel knowledgeable about the issue to urge anyone one way or another. For anyone interested, there’s a big ta-do tomorrow night downtown.

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