Neighborhood cats

In our neighborhood of Lincoln Park, we’ve got cats, lots of cats, and more have been springing up lately than ever before. A bigger question to me is why Pomona has so many stray dogs, which either just get away or are abandoned, the first perhaps reflecting neglect, the latter laziness — hey there’s a Humane Society right here in Pomona at which you can just drop it off. Come on Pomona! Get your act together! On the topic of cats though, I was chatting it up with a neighbor across the street on the evening maybe two days ago when we had those weird thundershowers and ze mentioned that there is this one stray cat that ze’s been feeding and didn’t know it if belonged to someone around here or not.

We’ve already got two strays in our yard (black one and calico). I’ve seen them laying together like lovers, but no kittens have come, and calico is friendly to people, and I think one of my housemates is on top of getting them altered and fed, but I haven’t really asked about it. The calico doesn’t have a poochy stomach, so I think we’re good. lol. I’m so bad.

That’s kind of a pattern for me, sometimes if I really don’t feel like looking into it more, I’ll just sit back and observe as I’m going about everything else in life, and leave others to ‘clean up that mess on isle 5.’ I’ve got my own things I’m more concerned with.

Okay, back to cats, so we’ve got these cats, and cats are great cause they keep the mouse and rat populations at bay — we actually found a decapitated rat in the back yard about a month or so ago. Dug a whole, dropped it in, covered it up, better than bothering with mouse/rat traps.

I guess what I’m trying to get to is that they are great creatures as part of a somewhat favored ecosystem, like tribbles, they pur, are furry, are generally friendly to humans, can reproduce like crazy — and that last one is the biggie to be watchful about. lol.

There’s this one cat down the street that I totally adore. Its a stray that’s been altered and people just leave food out for, lives on the north side of Kingsley on the block between Gibbs and Palomares, black with white spots, super fat and people refer it it as “Tubby.” Tubby is so great, catches critters as it hovers over peoples’ compost piles, lays on porches like a lazy arse, wanders through people’s yards and usually welcomes affection by passing humans. Totally love Tubby.

The picture you see as the header of this blog was taken in my backyard with a film (not digital) camera and is of a cat that one of my housemates had. It was a wild one and loved to climb trees.

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