Pleasant Dreams


I watch the swallows fly
Or seagulls float by.
More easy than a walking it seems.

And often at night
I make a long flight
Drifting away in my dreams.

Over the North Pole, over the South;
Over Sahara, desert of drouth;
Over the mountains, over the sea;
Over old cities where Kings sit for tea;
Over the planets, over the Moon;
Over the World’s edge, over Time’s head;
Over the room where I slept in my bed.

I think when I’m grown
And sufficiently known —
When I am fifteen or twenty —

I’ll buy an airship
And take a long trip
To find real adventures of plenty.

From James S Tippet’s “I Go A-Traveling.”
Pictures by Elizabeth Tyler Wolcott.
as quoted in The Horn Book, Aug. 1929, vol.5, no.3., p.1

Well whether here or abroad, what journeys await, we’ll see!

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