Some Enchanted Weekend

Well, so much happened this weekend, especially downtown. Of course this goddess can’t cover it all, but here’s the surface scratch that I can give. ;)

Saturday night I leisurely cycled downtown and wandered among the shops and art. Surprisingly, The Glasshouse I discovered has returned to being an actual glass house! :) I was so bumbed when they blocked out the glass so you couldn’t see in, and it really didn’t seem right or like a glasshouse anymore. Yeah! It’s back!

So I continued to walk around downtown, picked up a book at The Magic Door, saw that they were doing restoration work at the theater/church next to the DBA wine bar, found the DBA had a really cool exhibit with a gender theme — “Hats off” by Amy Bystedt and Sally Egan, walked around the DA Gallery and they had a pretty intense blacklight exhibit. A lot of my walking around made me think about how much Latin American culture is a really big part the scene here in Pomona, but so is the punk scene. After the wandering about, jumped back on my sleek two wheeled peddle powered vehicle and came home to some hot black tea and fixed myself a delicious sandwich dinner.

Earlier in the day, I went over to see Carol and Joey and found out that Ren had come by and done a bit of filming and picture taking for hir blog.

Oh, and Saturday I finished crocheting a coaster for my living room coffee table, see the picture on the left. :) One of these days Pam is going to start up the Friday/Saturday night knitting and crochet group again. Ze seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, moved into a new place next to the mayor’s house in the cloister of Phillips Ranch. I heard it was quite the shock for hir when the mayor knocked on the door and introduced hirself as their next door neighbor!

I worked on an organic farm for 5 years, so I have a lot of knowledge of plants; anyway, yesterday after church I gave several of my housemates a thorough walk-through of our yard, to help them learn to identify all of the weeds, herbs, vegetables, and trees that are there. I think it went very well, and now they know the plants a lot better!

Picture taken by Ren

Sunday evening came and I dropped in, to the Fox, to see the movie American Graffiti, which was totally awesome. Just as I was purchasing my ticket, Mickey who was running the ticket booth exclaimed, “It’s the Goddess of Garey Avenue!” I guess the word is getting around. lol! Well the show was totally amazing, the preshow cartoon was a Betty Boop cartoon Minnie the Moocher, and American Graffiti was a total delight and I laughed my arse off all the way through it. A great show. And afterwards, as I exited the theater ran into a good friend from Lincoln Park. We chatted it up for a while and mostly talked about how young all the actors looked compared to now. Well the film is nearly 40 years old.

Well yall, see ya ‘round Pomona!

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