GOGA News: Teleport Center Opens in Downtown Pomona!

Neighbors and friends, this week, Pomona opens its first teleport center downtown next to the Fox Theater. It’s opening on the south east corner of 3rd St. and Thomas should be a boon to local businesses and to the city generally. For decades the technology was kept under lock and key by various public and private entities, but with the capping of the Gulf Oil Spill this past month by placing a teleporter on top of the deep sea gusher, allowing officials to contain it at a reciprocal teleporter in Texas, this technology is now going public for the first time.

National Teleporter, Inc. formed by an international grant will be opening teleport centers across the U.S. and the world, including as announced, in our beloved downtown Pomona. Michael Morgan, CEO of the company, spoke in a press conference yesterday about the device and demonstrated it before a clamor of reporters.

“It’s as simple and feels no different than walking through a doorway of your house,” as he then walked through one and immediately emerged through another set up across the room. “It opens a stable quantum singularity to another location which you can select from in a console next to the doorway.”

“And it’s actually so stable that looking through the teleporter is just like looking through that doorway of your house,” Morgan continued. National Teleporter plans to have safety demonstrations at the grand opening of every teleporter station.

With this announcement, U.S. President Bernard Oberman, spoke to the nation in a press conference from the White House Rose Garden. “With the release of this technology, my cabinet is meeting with heads of industry to help our nation and world transition into the 21st century.” “We expect that this jump forward in technology will present new opportunities for our nation and our world, to leap us now out of economic decline. The future has now become now!”

The President went on, “We are now working with industry to help release in coming weeks further new technologies which will transform every industry and business on the planet.”

Several individuals involved in the development of these technologies have also come forward to speak about their participation and high hopes. Leaders in companies across the globe are also coming forward with optimistic statements.

Olive Branch, CEO of Portend Airlines spoke of the probable transformation of her industry. “This will not mean the end of our industry, we understand the immense need to go green, and move into an age of instantaneous travel. The world has waited a long time for this.”

Branch also spoke of their efforts now to “restructure” and she is looking forward also to future technological releases in the coming weeks and months spoken of by the President which will keep her industry alive and well. “The travel industry is going to become a resort and vacation industry,” Branch said.

Pomona is slated to be one of the first cities outside Downtown Los Angeles to have a teleport center. Marcy Marigold, mayor of Pomona hailed the coming station as “The day of the Jetsons has arrived!” The grand opening of the station will be held this coming Saturday at noon, with connections to all to other regional teleport stations and to several major international cities including Mexico City, Paris, London, and Hong Kong.

Opinions about this new means to travel and commuting vary in Pomona. Ferdinand Morales, a resident of Pomona for 5 years said, “I am so exited! Next weekend I am going to have lunch in Paris!” Sarah Anderson, Pomona resident of 18 years said, “Sure, I’m gonna give it a try, but I would still rather fly or take the train, they seem more real to me. I think I’d still like to actually look out the window and be in the journey of it.”

Local business owner Walter Mayflower said, “I’m hoping the city really takes advantage of this and that this will drive Pomona to really shine as an international destination.” Mary Moriarity of Wilton Heights looked at it differently, “I really hope Pomona can keep its local, family feeling in spite of this innovation.”

(Okay Pomona, don’t freak out, I made this all up off the top of my head. But you gotta admit, it would be pretty cool!)

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