They’ve left for Burning Man

Well, this week a bunch of my housemates packed up tons of stuff, solar panels galore, and all sorts of fantastically and surreally decorated vehicles and headed off to Burning Man. Others left in other vehicles, but two of my housemates that live on the property I live on, they had a trailer loaded with solar stuff, and a truck with a pink golf-cart and several decorated bicycles (they’ll often decorate them with fur and christmas lights!). I wish I could go, but I hadn’t personally sufficiently made plans. Most of my housemates who are going, are going to do pre-burn setup stuff. Here’s a couple of pictures from last year’s burn (all photos are available through the Burning Man Website):

I think we already see lots of surreal stuff at the artwalks, but some of this could inspire us Pomonians to do even more amazingly, surreal things here too! :)

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