Hebrews 8-10

Well, for this week’s bible study, I walked over to the church, and upon getting there, one of the people in the group said that they’d had such a long day and hadn’t had time for dinner. Hearing this I said, “Maybe we could go out and get some food together.” So off we went up to Claremont and ate a restaurant that served vegan food. By the time we finished and getting part way through the Bible study, they were closing the restaurant, and sent us to the streets! Well, we decided to head back to the church and finish the reading there. I have to confess that with my stomach soooooo full of food and now in serious digestion mode, I was sleepy beyond anything and barely kept my eyes open as we finished the last chapter, so for this report, I’m gonna make it short. ;)

This week we read Hebrews 8-10. It’s more or less a further explanation of how with the life, death, and ressurrection of Jesus, a new and better “covenant” was established in which if we believe in that sacrifice, therein is our salvation. That does sound lovely and all, but as yall may know, the whole blood sacrifice for sin thing is a bit too capitalistic for me; the blood sacrifice ideology is a major contributor to perpetuating the whole concept of owned things and payment for goods.

My new life in Christ is one where I have come back into my own power and have not separated it from myself… to do and be greater than Jesus is the message of Jesus, to make heaven — on earth, itself. Yes, the old law is done away, but the Mosaic “covenant” was a separation. Now, there is no more separation.

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