Mantillas, D&D, and other talk

Well, just a bit of weekend report. Willy Wonka is playing at the Fox today and you know I’ll be there!!!! Mantillas, maybe we’ll bring them back! AND Funny Business health news…….


In my last entry I spoke of women’s head coverings and how St. Paul was all about women veiling their heads while in church (1 Corinthians 11:5-10). It was my alter guild Sunday today and while in the sacristy setting everything up for todays services, we came upon a bunch of crocheted mantillas and other cloths and now people are talking that it would so fun to bring them back! Yay! lololol! As we were talking about it all, one of our church priests (who is gay), also said that if we bring them back we have to let the gay men wear them too if they want! lololololol!

Dungeons and Dragons

Last night’s D&D game was awesome! We battled some goblins and mushroom monsters!

We had this one very challenging battle with a group of goblins who used ranged attack weapons (like bows and arrows) and we mostly only had melee weapons (such as swords) in our group. The goblins were located up on a ledge – higher ground which gave them a good bit of advantage. If we went to them, we’d surely have gotten hit by their weapons as we climbed up the steps, so we had to lure them down, down a corridor and we hid behind a corner and surprised them in our attack!

The next battle was against two fungi monsters also called Myconids. I almost got killed in that battle. They were very powerful. They also had this interesting characteristic of when they got hit by a weapon, their damage could be absorbed by the another, and we found that they were even linked together in both life and death, as when we killed one, it also ended up killing the other.

Funny Business

While over at Funny Business yesterday, we all rummaged through an assortment of conversations. I got a new web-design gig this week so that was pretty cool!!!! And we talked a bunch about health food, what is really edible?

There are a freaking ton of people out there that drink soda pop — I am not one of those people. It is a quite rare occasion when or if I ever drink any, but with the teas I make, I’ll often mix in rice/soy/almond milk and lots of sugar, so I consider myself a sugar junky, sure! But should people be downing the high fructose corn syrup soda or the zero calorie aspartame sodas? There are also those people who are so uber into splenda. There is debate about whether such diet things are even healthy in themselves and we talked about how lots of people believe that the high fructose corn syrup is bad.

Eeeeew, and I don’t eat meat, but after hearing this, it made me not want to eat it even more – from what people were saying, they put red food-dye into the meat in the store to actually keep it red/fresh looking! Can you believe that!? Wow. lol!

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