Saturday Night ‘round Pomona

It’s been a good Saturday night. Chillin’ out at Funny Business. Chatting it up at The Garden, walking the Art Walk, and then a long rest of the night playing Dungeons and Dragons til around midnight with housemates and others.

On my namesake

I walked over to Funny Business and hung out for a while, ordered the latest copy of Wonderwoman, who this new favorite writer of mine is writing for and hung out with the crowd there. Later I dropped on into The Garden and chatted with Dawn a bit. I’d sent out an email earlier in the week about free tomato plants and I guess it brought in some customers for hir during the week, so that was awesome, and ze said that people have been asking around about who????? the Goddess of Garey Avenue is! And someone even asked hir this week if it was hir — and of course ze told them ‘no.’

I am the Goddess of Garey Avenue, and if you want to get in touch with me, my contact info (email, etc.) is available in this blog or please leave a comment. :) Shockingly, from what ze says, people are reading this blog and thinking that my “GOGA News” stories are for real. Folks, I’m making those up, read at the bottom of the entries. Ug. lolololol!

Also, ze told me that Pam is going to starting up the knitting group again so, that should be great to keep me chugging along in my crocheting.

This Week’s Art Walk

Then later I bicycled downtown to the Art Walk, of course it’s not as big as 2nd Saturday, but it was cool. They had some great old cars on display, but what is up with this trend of people putting dinky wheels on their old cars. I think it TOTALLY looks tacky. I just shake my head in disbelief. Carol and Steve were there downtown too and we talked about how the ‘Pomona Fathers’ aren’t just missing a couple of brain cells, but really their whole frontal lobes for doing/planning/desiring to tear down the lovely old buildings there. As usual, the common law advocate in me says, ‘well, common law is the law of the land, so if they want to tear them all down, so be it, but it really is a pity.’ Now we’ve got a giant gapping pit in the middle of Pomona where the blues club was, and the old bank building due west they’re supposedly planning to take down too. No sense or reason!

Well, I wandered over through a couple of the galleries, had a lovely conversation with this one artist, Yi-Li Chin Ward for a few. Ze draws lot of naked women, and told me of how there is nothing wrong with nakedness and how strange it is that people think so. I agree with that. A lot of the women ze draws are not thin rails such as myself, but fairly voluptuous to say the least. Which reminds me of this one friend of mine who is, not a D, E, or F, but a G!!!! Ze confessed this to me last Friday night sitting around a fire over drinks after the movie. And there is this other woman who walks hir dogs a lot in my neighborhood of Lincoln Park, and I don’t know, but they gotta be something double or triple that. There are a whole lot of different kinds of bodies out there. Hir show was in Gallery 57 Underground. With not much time left before I had to be back for D&D, I walked over to Bunny Gunner and checked out their “We All Scream” exhibit and chatting with them there, learned that they’ve got a bunch of web stuff that I ought to check out, so I did.

For Bunny Gunner, they’ve actually got a barrage of web-realms that they seem to keep going, three for Bunny Gunner, and two for the Art Colony:

The last link is I think really great cause it links up ALL of the galleries in one site.

Dungeons and Dragons

And then, I hopped on my sleek, two wheeled, peddle powered, human-conveyance device and headed home to play Dungeons and Dragons (a.k.a. D&D) with housemates and others, and last night’s game was great! We continued to wander through the tunnels beneath the land we’re in, found a desecrated shrine, found the stables of a bunch of skeletal steeds and had a mighty battle against them, and then following that there was another battle against some vine creatures, centipede masses, and a giant beetle. The battle against the skeletal steeds was the most interesting, they all had cute name plates on each of their stable stalls: Eternal, Hell Hooves, Death Chaser, Murphy, Rattler, Calcifus, Bone Mane, and Equies (Hell Hooves and Bone Mane are the cutest!). And when we fought them, because they were skeletons, they didn’t get “bloodied” when they were half killed, they were “marrowed”! lolololol! One of my housemates acts as the “dungeon master” (a.k.a. DM) who makes up the adventure, and plays and rolls for the ‘bad guys,’ while our band of adventures bandies through the land on our quest. Ze has been playing D&D for decades, has a ton of D&D literature, and really is a phenomenal DM.

In the game before this one, we fought a gelatinous cube — apparently a long time, well known, D&D monster. To make last night more entertaining, in a playful jest, our DM made a cube shaped jello mold with 4 D&D figures in it for people to slurp down as we played. There was a point in our last battle when the gelatinous cube had swallowed all four of us who were playing that night. Last night we had 5 players, but we’ve had as many as 8 folks show up at the same time to play.

Yep, people play D&D in Pomona. lol.

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