Tea, Comics and Artwalk

Wow. Well yall, I got back from the Art Walk last night and it was absolutely amazing. A wonder. Before hitting the artwalk though, my weekend had it’s ups and downs.

Tea and Comics

As many of you may know, from plants in my yard and from elsewhere in the neighborhood, I regularly make home made herbal teas. I’ve got my own personal health issues that I deal with and it basically keeps the demons at bay. So I spent part of the day making tea. Close to the end of the ritual of it all, after going out to the backyard, watering some plants and doing a bit of harvesting, as I came in the back door, the bit of me craving contrast “accidentally” slammed the door on one of my fingers. And as immortal as I may be, I was in absolute agony for quite some time and kept my finger in the deep freeze of a glass of icewater to keep the swelling down.

I finished up my tea making and off I went to Funny Business where I helped Carol and Aesa finish a T-rex jigsaw puzzle and helped myself to a delicious glazed doughnut (the sweet scrumptiousness on my tongue eased the pain of my finger on ice), and amidst it all, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Joey had the two latest Wonder Woman editions for me! (#600 & 601) Totally stoked, I dashed back as fast as my feet could carry me home, ‘round the corner, grabbed some change and back. I enjoyed some more delicious time with them and then returned home to read the treasures.

I sat on the living room couch, devouring them both, and I must say, that, they weren’t that great. Straczynski’s simultaneous writing for Superman is far, far better and, as well, they have totally redone Wonder Woman’s costume and it sucks arse big time. Hir old outfit was way better, way more powerful. I looked about on the internet and it sounds like they want to make the change permanent, but a lot of the fan base is outraged to put it mildly. For a great critique of this change, see the Amazon Archives. Only time will tell whether they keep the new outfit as her permanent drag. In spite of it all, by a reading of these two issues, they’ve rather written it so that there is the possibility of it not lasting.

Kind of new to superhero comics, this is my first time reading Wonder Woman. Maybe it’s the backstory Straczynski’s painting for us, but I really do like Superman a whole lot more. I’ll hold out for maybe a few more issues though — maybe it’ll get better. :)

Second Saturday Artwalk

Poured myself a big jar of tea, lept onto my sleek, sweet bicycle and off I went to the Artwalk. Of course I can’t report on every artist and wonder I witnessed but here are the ones that protruded the most in my mind.

One of my first stops was the shop Imagine That. Totally magical and amazing. They’ve got these homemade kitchen aprons to die for! If you’ve got two left feet when it comes to depressing a sewing machine peddle to make one yourself, please pay them a visit. Great stuff. I ran into a friend from church later in the evening, enamored, they’d made quite a big purchase there. Also check them out on Facebook.

Meandering over to The Magic Door, I had a wonderful chat with JoAnn there who gave me the great news that they’d just celebrated their 5th Anniversary at that location, business continues to be great for them and that they are just so happy about that, especially as the economy has not been so fair weather for others. Totally terrific news! People still read books and buy them! lol! I browsed a short bit, looked at some children’s poetry (I love children’s poetry) and flew off to witness other sites and wonders.

As I made my way through the galleries, one artist that really grabbed my attention was Janet Kim whose work is currently on display at the Glasshouse Record Store. Hir two works “Yr So Boring” and “Foreplay,” Wow! I’m not really sure what it was about these. “Foreplay” is just adorable, and “Yr So Boring” is just a beautiful, fun painting. Please go see these before they’re gone.

Another artist that particularly grabbed my attention was Rosemarie or Rose Tursi (a.k.a. Professor Tursiart). Ze makes these antique, sci-fi ray guns that I just could not be more fascinated by. Ze also does some quite whimsical drawings which are available in many forms. I had a lovely conversation with Rose about hir work. Ze does use some molds to make the guns, but uses all kinds of odds and ends from old vacuum tubes to screw-on bottle caps to make each of the ray guns beautifully unique. Also check out Rose Tursi’s website at http://www.tursiart.com/ for many more of hir intriguing creations. (Ze even invited me to hir birthday! I’m so excited!!!)

As I made my way around, if you haven’t gone to The DBA 256 Gallery and Bar, their latest exhibition is phenomenal. It’s called “Shiny Stars & Bright Ideas” by Manny LeGaspé. One of hirs is a long canvas painted with all sorts of the funniest images of the Devil/Satan. Hilarious. But my favorite, the most powerful and meaningful to me were actually the paintings in the very back of the gallery — two roosters. Gorgeous. So visually powerful. I loved it! Father Bill Moore had a really, equally powerful little piece with the most stirring amber color in it that was almost spellbinding. The depth of color, the clarity, so penetrating. I didn’t want to stop looking into it.

And the final artist I think I’ll talk about was Harold Fox. Hir work was featured in one of the basement galleries, specifically the SCA Project Gallery. Harold’s work is simply magical. Completely amazing and brilliant. This particular showing was called hir “Urban Visions Exhibition.” The paintings presented qualities of an early 20th century gangster era, entwined with a Los Angeles-esque post apocalyptic wasteland. So magical, but stirring! Wow. Also Check out hir website at http://www.haroldfoxpaintings.com/.

And that was my trip ‘round the Artwalk. I also ran so many old friends there this weekend, I was so happy! Jonah and Leslie I hadn’t seen in ages and they were out with with 11 month old! Ze is getting soooooo big! (They live in Lincoln Park too.) And a lot of people from church, and even a couple of my housemates came (I had to get out early to be able to make this wealth of a report to you all). I hope you had as much fun as I did or that you will check out the galleries soon!

Also, as a side note, while I made my perambulations around the downtown, I ran into several folks involved in the Pomona political milieu talking about the upcoming mayoral elections. Even if corruption in the city council is rampant and the Pomona elections are fixed as rumored to be, it sounds like it’s going to be a heated race!!!!

See ya ‘round Pomona!

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