Another Amazing 2nd Saturday

Last night I cycled off to downtown for another fabulous 2nd Saturday Art Walk. Ug, I actually didn’t feel like doing a whole lot of walking and I had Rose Tursi’s birthday celebration to get to and I knew I would probably spend a lot of time there enjoying hir art and chatting with folks — so I didn’t really get around to seeing all that many galleries, but certainly spent a lot of time enjoying conversations. So for this report on the Art Walk, I’ll be mostly reporting on that. Pomona is about the people who live here and those who are here often, and the story of our lives as we live and enjoy it together!

My first stop was the Rose Tursi’s birthday celebration at the Savoie Hair Salon. In my previous report of last month’s 2nd Satuday Art Walk, I wrote up a paragraph or so about my meeting Rose and seeing hir work on display. I was so enamored by hir work and ze invited me to hir birthday bash – I had to attend! And it was amazing. I totally love hir work. And at the party, I learned that the mediums she works with are extremely diverse.

It was so cool! Ze does stained glass, ze brews various alcohols especially mead and beer at home and uses hops which ze grows in hir own yard! Hir alcohols were there for those of age to imbibe and revel in. (I tried some of the mead, and it was delicious; tasted something like a cross between apple cider and a gum ball – very Willy Wonka like!) I found that ze makes some pretty spectacular jewelry too – incorporating corroded pipes and vacuum tubes! And does clothing design, some of which were also on display. If you are already familiar with prints of Rose’s paintings and drawings, a lot of those originals were there to see too. I guess you could have called last night “Rose Fest” (actually, “Rose Tursi Fest” sounds a little too Thanksgiving-y, so forget that one). Of course so much of hir work has such a fun, steampunk-ness about it all. I was enthralled. And as I chatted with hir, ze took me to the back and was so thoughtful to remembered that I said I was so very into teas, and ze had a good array of them to choose from too!!!!

Ze had a lot of friends there who were dressed all steampunk-esque. One friend told me that ze has a lot of friends especially through the Corona Ren-fair. Another of Rose’s friends was a religious minister who ze had met through Star Trek conventions! Wow, ze’s a Trekky too! I also got to meet the wonderful host Cherie Savoie who owns the Savoie Hair Salon. All in all, be sure to drop on by the Savoie Salon to see Rose’s work, visit hir Tursiart website and see hir upcoming submission to next month’s Door Exihibit at the 2nd Street Sculpture Garden!

After a fantastic long-time there, I set sail for the DBA wine bar which featured an array of paintings by John Pugh. Hir paintings look like gigantic ejections of bodily fluids. lol! But really cool looking explosions of them.

As I was about to leave the bar, I somehow got in a conversation with an artist by the name of Walter Christiansen (like me with a Norwegian last name!!!!) Ze says that ze’s known as “The Dude,” and everywhere ze goes is both hir studio and gallery, and does “Collaborative Art” with everyone in hir studio! Hir primary medium is colored crayons. Two other people there at the bar were Joel and Daniel, and we all got to collaborate synergistically create a portrait of Daniel in crayon. Now these weren’t your usual kids box of crayons either, these were fancy shmancy artist crayons! To the portrait background, I added in a cartoon fish and some rosemaling-like swirly things. After drawing the swirling thingys, as I pronounced that they were rosemaling-like, Walter and I had a great laugh as I said, “Rosemaling is a Norwegian art thing. Well, if the Latin Americans can be all about their art, so can us Norwegians! lololololol!” (Well, I’m only a quarter, and my last name is Norwegian — that’s good enough. lol!) So, if you happen to be out and around the DBA wine bar, Walter is a regular at the DBA, so you just might catch hir there and draw some great cool art with hir. And ze LOVES IT ALL – whatever culture or leanings or expressions you happen to fancy adding to the deliciousness of artistic expression!

As all of this was going on, two housemates walked into the bar and I told them to definitely check out Rose Tursi’s stuff across the street. I talked to them later and they said they loved it!

I then wandered next door to explore the DA gallery (full of really cool wood carved art!) and the Main Street Gallery. While in these two galleries, I ran into another housemate and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but The Goddess of Pomona, hir partner, and Mr. Big! We had a great chat and I tried to convince hir to get back into blogging. We’ll see. Also, hir and Mr. Big are going to come to the next Dungeons and Dragons game night we’re having in October! I’m so excited!!!! As we chatted, several others came into our conversation in passing, a friend of hirs in Lincoln Park, and Marcy, the director of the DA. Somehow we also got talking about the hoola hooping classes in Lincoln Park too.

While going through these two galleries, one piece that I really liked was Karen Kauffman’s Ancient Sky, an oil and acrylic painting in the Main Street Gallery. It was kind of another explosion painting of orange, white, and red, but with orb-like things in it.

At the Bunny Gunner gallery, photo by Ren.

I wandered through several other galleries and then got to the Push Gallery. As I walked in, a music group called The Element was playing and it sounded so incredibly amazing! The people there enjoying the music were amazing. And only one thing on my mind, “I LOVE YOU POMONA!”

After listening to some phenomenal music at Push, I wandered upstairs to the Loft Beats Gallery where I didn’t really look at much art, but they had some old airline chairs and I sat down in one and just took a load off for a while. Ahhhhhhh. And my last stop was the Magic Door Bookshop where I had two especially, super great conversations with some people there. I don’t feel like going into details on those as I think this entry is getting long enough, but… we have such great people here — Pomona is Awesome!!!!

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