From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.3, p.45.


The night was creeping on the ground!
She crept and did not make a sound,

Until she reached the tree: And then
She covered it and stole again

Along the grass beside the wall!
I heard the rustling of her shawl

As she threw blackness everywhere,
Along the sky, the ground, the air,

And in the room where I was hid!
But no matter what she did

To everything that was without,
She could not put my candle out!

So I stared at the night! And she
Stared back solemnly at me!

By James Stephens
From Mildred Harrington’s, “Ring-a-Round” (Macmillan)
as quoted in The Horn Book, August 1930, Vol.6, No.3, p.212.

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