It’s Fall This Week!

One of my housemates last night mentioned how early it’s getting dark in the evenings now, and fall is coming this week! I just checked around the web and it looks like the moment of turning is Weds., Sept. 22, 2010 at 8:09 p.m.

I suppose for all the pagans out there, they’ll be busy doing rituals and the like. For the rest of us, it’s fall seed planting time. I was just out and about the neighborhood yesterday afternoon, visiting a number of friends around Lincoln Park and at one of my stops, they were busy getting fall seeds planted in pots and putting seeds directly in the ground, too.

For those of you looking to plant some, Fall and Winter are the time for root vegetables (like carrots and beets), for leafy greens (like lettuce and chard), and for other specifically winter varieties (like winter squash and winter beans). It’s planting time in Pomona!!!

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