L.A. County Fair 2010

So myself and a couple of housemates bicycled to the L.A. County Fair yesterday to see the sights, eat the food, ride the rides, check out the crafts of people from around the county on display, etc., etc., and we had a really awesome time!

I must admit that if the cost of admission wasn’t a dollar that day, I probably would have skipped the Fair altogether this year. Normal admission is an outrageous $17! I’ve hear that the numbers of folks attending every year has been in a pretty bad decline and I think if they don’t want to keep losing numbers, they really, really, really need to lower the admission price by a pretty big chunk. Still when I checked the County Fair website, it’s only $10 during weekdays. When I checked the Fairplex website, other kinds of discounts are available also. So maybe it’s not as bad as I thought, or maybe they just need better publicity. lol!

To corillate this with my recent story on bicycles, the bike parking was awful. At the entrance we came in through, there are no bike racks whatsoever! You have to lock them to a fence. And that fence was mediocrely accessible as it was behind a low hedge of bushes.

Priority #1 — Funnel Cake and Cotton Candy

In my mind, not necessarily on the minds of my housemates, was gettin’ myself the SWEEEEEETNESS of funnel cake and cotton candy on my tongue and in my belly!!!! These two quite rare delicacies are not found very often outside of the county fair, so this was definitely a MAJOR priority and high point for me to feast myself on these two scrumptious items, perhaps the most declious items created my humankind! And surely, a product of pure imagination!!!!! lol! Actually, as I enjoyed my feasts, the “Pure Imagination” song from Willy Wonka was definitely on my mind.

Visiting the farm animals

One of my housemates with me yesterday was involved in 4-H while growing up on hir family’s farm in Ohio, so another of the first things we did was to find the farm animals! Which we did. And they had a lots of them.

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.1, p.89.

My housemate was obsessed with cows and so that was one of the first animals we sought out. As we did so, I ran into an uber long lost friend, Naomi, so that was pretty cool — ze was working at the Fair in the farm animal portion. We watched the cow milking demonstration and even got to pet a couple of cows! We also got to pet several goats, a yak (I think it was a yak), a horse, and saw the beekeeping display!

After food and animals, we wandered around a whole bunch, got tickets for rides, wandered through the wine and beer building (where I discovered another long lost friend, Jill working there! it was so awesome to see hir again!, and if you go do wine tasting, say hi to Jill!), watched a dog show, and found a big green hill to lay down on and took a nap. Ahhhhhh!

After taking a huge load off our feet for a while with that nap, we hit the rides! which were definitely super fun!


After riding several blood curdling, heart stopping, carnival rides, we wandered through the homemade craft displays below the big bandstand. So many super cool crafty things people can do! I’m personally a crocheter, so I was excited to see some work by others around. There were also a lot of sewn things in competition.

A trend among them all in so far as color use was that of lots of bright, but surprisingly cool colors in use. Another trend I saw was the use of the zig-zag stitch in the sewing of especially purses and handbags, and the idea of wearable art, like that of – clothing as a kind of abstract artistic presentation. I was also especially excited to see that some people were still even doing tatting!

By then, one of my housemates needed to get back for something that night, so we headed for the gate, and enjoyed an evening ride home down McKinley Ave. and back to Lincoln Park. As I thought about it, we got it pretty dang good in Pomona. We got it all.

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