Odds and ends

County Fair is only a dollar!

Hi all! If you weren’t aware, the county fair is only a dollar every day this weekend from 10a.m.-1p.m. I’m bicycling out to the fair bright and early tomorrow to check out the scene!!!! I’m so excited!!!!

Ren has a more detailed listing on hir blog if you want to get more info about it all.

From Maximum Ride, ch.19, p.3.

Nothing from Bible study or D&D to report

This week was tumultuous, but awesome. I won’t go into too many details, but debacles happened and I didn’t get to attend my church’s bible study group, so I won’t report on that. Also we played Dungeons and Dragons last night and it was fantastic, but not enough happened that I feel like reporting on at the moment.

Word is spreading about this blog!

I am so happy to report that word is spreading about my little blog here. I was just out and around the neighborhood harvesting some herbs for tea and chatted it up with a neighbor up the street who I had met up at the DBA wine bar downtown a couple of times. We talked about the trend toward lower water landscaping in the neighborhood, but I also mentioned my blog (which is relatively new), and ze said that hir fiancée is a regular reader! :)

Also I recently got mentioned on two other blogs by an Inland Empire blogger. Their two specific mentionings are on the sites empoprise-ie and empoprise-bi. So that’s pretty exciting.

Finding the next Manga or comic

Been searching for a new/different manga to get enthused about and came across a sort of manga digest at Funny Business called Yen Plus. I picked up the April 2010 edition and its pretty interesting. If you are looking for something that will give you a very good taste of a lot of different mangas, this is for you. Also, another really great thing about Yen Plus is that for each of the mangas within it, they each start off with a page summarizing both the plot and the characters. So you can go in knowing pretty much nothing and have a very good idea of the story and all.

My favorite manga in Yen Plus so far is one called Maximum Ride. None of them so far are as profoundly hilarious as Ninin Ga Shinobuden, but when you’re trying to compete with perfection, it’s a tough row to hoe. lol!

See ya ‘round Pomona!!!!

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