A Lovely Couple of Days

It was a busy weekend, preparing for a church carnival, chilling out at Funny Business, and going to see Psycho at the Fox with the Enchantress of Alvarado!

Carnival Preparations

This coming weekend, my church, St. Paul’s Episcopal in Pomona, in the heart of Lincoln Park!, is having a huge carnival. It’s going to be this coming Friday night, Oct. 29th from 5-10 p.m. and all-day Saturday, Oct. 30th from noon-10 p.m. There’s going to be lots of carnival booths (I’ll be at the fishing booth), a scary haunted house, and other attractions too such as a bounce house and a giant slide, and a couple of live bands will be performing too. This past weekend at my church we had a big orientation meeting and preparation day to help get it all ready. So if you’re looking for some exciting events to do next weekend (besides the last Saturday Artwalk) come on over to St. Paul’s for lots of excitement for the whole family!

While at Funny Business

While at Funny business this weekend, I browsed through another edition of Power Girl and I’ve been thinking, maybe I should give up collecting Wonder Woman in favor of Power Girl. The only real reason I’ve been reading Wonder Woman is because the same writer is writing for Superman, and hir writing is fantastic in Superman, but not so fantastic in Wonder Woman (I’ve been hoping it’d be just as good), but Power Girl seems to have moments in it that are just plain funny. It’s gotta make me laugh or think, and Wonder Woman is doing neither for me right now, maybe it’s time to switch. Hmmmm, I think I will. I’ll just go down next weekend and trade all my Wonder Woman comics for Power Girl! Yes!

Hmmm, actually the next Superman and Wonder Woman come out next weekend, so maybe if things take a turn for the better with next weekend’s edition of Wonder Woman… well… we’ll see. lol!

It’s actually interesting how in a comic universes, characters overlap in the various comics. Right now, Bruce Wayne who was the original Batman has been thrown back in time and they’ve got a big story arc going right now about that, but in all of the comics, Dick Grayson, the original Robin, has taken over Batman’s role. So in Superman, and Powergirl, and other comics when Batman comes on the scene, it is the Grayson character (of course, until Bruce Wayne makes hir way out of the past, returning to the present). Anyway, it’s just interesting how all of it happens and overlaps.

Conversations that afternoon meandered a lot around whether voting makes any difference or not. I think among the crowd there, it was kind of split down the middle, a bit more than half saying it’s a completely useless act, and the other half saying that it really does make a difference. Whatever your position, I’d say, just don’t be indifferent. If you believe in voting, then vote, if you don’t then certainly don’t. If you don’t care, it may probably mean that you don’t believe it makes a beans hill worth of difference. Don’t just say you don’t care – you do care, you care so much that you know that your time is better spent doing other things. lololololo! ;)

All things are turning out wonderfully right now any which way you look at it!

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, vol.1, p.24.

Psycho at the Fox

On Sunday, the Enchantress of Alvarado, hir partner – the Slut of the Skies, and myself hopped into the Enchantress’ powerful, chic automobile and whisked off to the Fox to watch Psycho. Neither of them had been before, and we had a great time. They had a screaming contest, and interviewed Marli Renfro, who, whenever the camera was filming the body of the woman in the shower scene, that was hir body being filmed. It was kinda cool too in that there are a few Renfros in my family tree, so I might even be related to hir somewhere back there. I’ve got several claim to fames in my family tree that I am aware of, maybe this potential relative is one more!

The sound system was better this time around at the Fox, but it still was mostly pretty bad. Ug. The next show will be in December and it’s going to be the classic White Christmas. Yay!

This Week

The next most exiting thing to report is that last night I had my first crochet lesson with several housemates. I taught how begin a line of crochet, and how to do double and triple crochet stitches! This week I’ve of course tons of worky work to do, decorations, etc. to make for the Carnival, and of course the usual nose picking and flatulence which we all engage in from time to time.

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