Last night I made a ton of my famous whole wheat cookie balls. And they are delicious. I was running low on flour and walked on over to Staters for some and had a great conversation in the check-out line with some folks. Sounds like there are lots of people out there who are discontented. lol. Anyway, one person in line said that they only vote during the big presidential elections and for/against state-wide measures – the local elections being usually not that important to them. Them and another in line complained about taxes and how the government was just too big and invasive into their lives. I of course gloried in the common law.

The other night at the Enchantress’, a bunch of us got together and were watching the latest episode of Glee, and the commercial time was saturated with political ads, each of them gouging their opponents about how very bad their opponent is. lololol! All of it’s just hilarious to me. “Oh, they’re so bad!” “Oh no, they’re so bad!” lol! And once everyone’s growing and smoking pot, nobody will care anyway! And then, AND THEN! when nobody’s voting, that’s when they’ll really be caring about what really matters! lololololol!

And the past few days my housemates have been in busy in preparation for halloween, making costumes, decorations, etc. I’ll be jumping into costume making today, and making lots of stuff for the church carnival this weekend!

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