Last Night at the Enchantress’

So last night I dropped on in to hang out with the Enchantress of Alvarado and hir partner is in town this week. So we all enjoyed drinks together on the Enchantress’ lovely front porch.

I’ve been trying to come up with a nickname for the Enchantress’ partner, and ze hirself is pretty partial to the name Slut of the Skies, especially as ze works as a steward-ess for an airline. I know it sounds crude, but ze has gotten really partial to that name in conversations, so, so be it.

Topics of conversations as we imbibed: The Enchantress of Alvarado just got a new front porch light and we all gloried in it’s wonderfulness as ze showed it off to us. It’s very craftsman-y, and actually ze had only purchased it that night, so it wasn’t quite installed yet, and ze showed us a picture of a ceiling fan ze is considering installing too. What is a normal frequency for jacking it (whatever your plumbing)? Once every three days to four times a day? What would’ve happened if the banks all really had collapsed? Would it all have been better for us as a society to help us to evolve as a society and as an economy? No more Wells Fargo, no more BofA, no more Chase, etc. Also, what might become of house payments? How much longer is it reasonable for the economy to be on life-support? If quite suddenly there were no more banks, what would we do? My website building business is lately going extremely well; the Slut of the Skies suggested that if one were to build a website for a church, would it have a porn section, and I added, where one could partake of the living water of Christ? lolololololol! I just picked up the latest Katy Perry album on CD and it’s a pretty great play if you’re looking for some just fun pop music. Why do people get tattoos? I know it’s my mormon upbringing, but even now as an exmo, it’s still pretty astounding to me that people even get them. I guess, if it pleases and delights – tear it up, it’s the weekend!

And I can always rely on the Enchantress to get the latest scoop on pop culture — ze whipped out hir laptop and watched the latest music video of Willow Smith (Will Smith’s daughter) singing Whip your Hair. lol! It looks like an ‘80 look is coming back into style now.

All, as we enjoyed our drinks and good company on Alvarado.

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