Over Pomona

I fly through the air over the city,
lighting atop of the Fox,
the city it glows, warm with such people
living only for joy one and all.

Soaring ‘long Huntington Avenue,
a row of beautiful trees,
and grass so pleasant and green,
lo perfect for afternoon naps in the shade.

And up to the top, the very tip top,
I rest in the Park of Ganesha,
Then fly to the Elephant Hill,
leaping over to Temple Hill too.

I fly down the ridge,
all the way to the end,
Then soaring like Superman,
up toward the sun.

Over the neighborhoods,
Mud-huts and Craftsmans,
over neighborhoods vast and a plenty,
and so many neighbors and friends.

Then down to the graveyard,
so beautifully grand
so peaceful and calm,
a place of repose
I rest on the grass with the dead.

I think then of all,
the Pomonans before
who’ve made our city so grand,
And then I lift off once again.

Over Mission, and Western,
Holt, San Antone,
over the schools,
bi’nesses and the parks
Then finally circle back home

Loop round Lincoln Park,
down the streets and the avenues
Seeing my porch,
I welcome it’s greeting,
So glad to living
right here, in Pomona.

by The Goddess of Garey Avenue

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