Pomona Rocks

Y’all, Pomona is the best city to live around here. We got it all. Rockin’ Second Saturdays! with contemporary art galore which every city in Southern California should be (and is) jealous of, the Art Colony and the amazing Antique Row, historic home tours (coming this weekend), quite possibly THE most diverse array of historic homes in the area and some of THE very oldest homes and structures in Southern California (The Palomares Adobe, La Casa Alvarado, and La Casa Primera), Pomona Opera!, celebrated authors speaking at our city (like Ray Bradbury), one of the most beautiful and historic graveyards around, fairgrounds with phenomenal events all throughout the year, an Amtrak stop along a major route (Pomona needs to play that up more), poetry readings, several major universities (Western, Cal Poly, etc.), and many historic and contemporary music and media venues.

I was chatting with the Enchantress of Alvarado several nights ago over cocktails and this really is the most awesome place to live. So freaking awesome living here and getting better and better all of the time. Plain and simple — Pomona Rocks.

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