Weekend Excitement!

Well, today I went to the quilting, craft, and sewing festival again and attended a bunch of their workshops, which were awesome, and then after returning home, spent a couple of hours hanging out at Funny Business on Garey. This month two new issues of Superman and one new issue of Wonder Woman come out. While hanging out this evening, this one comic called Power Girl particularly caught my eye.

Joey refered me to another regular there to give me the scoop on Power Girl. Basically ze is a cousin of Superman, but from an alternate universe. Ze just happened to get trapped here, hangs out with Batman a bit, but tries to not hang too much around Superman and Supergirl cause ze’s just not exactly the same as them, since ze’s from another universe. Ze also wears a really different costume (no “S” on the front). Anyway, I read the entire latest issue and it was pretty good. The art was well done and unique and the dialogue made me laugh at times (a sure sign of a good comic book) and so I think I’ll wait with anticipation for the next one to come out and see if it’s just as good.

Joey tried to get me to eat a Hostess chocolate cupcake. It probably isn’t vegan, but Joey took a sharpie and wrote “Vegan Approved” on the side of the box and insisted I take one. lol. It’s still sitting on a wooden ledge in my room as I type this, tempting me with it’s delicious scrumptiousness.

If you haven’t gone to see the Pomona opera company perform there’s only two weekends left, 2 p.m. this Saturday and the next. Go to their website for tickets or buy them at the door! It’s a fabulous show – they’re performing Mozart’s Magic Flute!

And the Second Saturday Artwalk is tomorrow night too. I’ve got a big party I’m going to tomorrow evening that the Enchantress of Alvarado is throwing, so I’ll probably only spend a short time at the Artwalk and then off to hir party. If you wanted, you could see the opera at two, break for dinner, and then enjoy an evening of art downtown! Pomona is the best!!!!

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