Weird Weather

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, vol.1, p.109.

I don’t know about yall, but we’ve been having some weird weather lately the past two days, which I thought I’d blog about. Thunder, lightening, and odd rain. I’ve never seen rain really much in the fall in the decade or so I’ve lived in Pomona. Plus this rain is so odd. It’s sprinkling, but they are gigantic raindrops, and the sky is not heavy with clouds! Weird, weird, weird.

And then with all the odd fluctuations of temperatures, the little seedling apple tree in the front yard has blossomed! Apple trees aren’t suppose to blossom til the spring.

Well, outside of all that, everything is pretty awesome and great here in Pomona. In spite of some people being in economic hard times, I myself have been swamped lately with work and I know several other folks in the neighborhood who are too.

In other odd news, and this is not one of my fake news stories either – the U.N. just appointed someone to be an embassador to extraterrestrials. Wow. That’s kinda serious sounding when the U.N. appoints an “embassador” to E.T.s. And a bunch of military officials have now gone public with a big press event at the National Press Club that U.F.O.s for years now have been shutting down atomic missile silos. Video of the press conference.

Can the world get any weirder? I think we’re ready for weird. lol!

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