D&D this Past Weekend

In the midst of the political imbroglios of today, it’s been a while since I’ve given a Dungeons and Dragons update!

On Saturday during the carnival festivities at church, I took a break and ran home for some afternoon Dungeons and Dragons which our group had scheduled. There were five of us in the party, not including the Dungeon Master, and we finally, completed a pretty large story arc of our adventuring: After being thrown into a dark alternate-realm of strange places and exotic creatures, we gathered all the things we needed to activate the transporter to take us home, it activated, we all jumped through together and made it back home again!

From Tales from the Enchanted Isles, by Ethal May Gate, illus. by D.P. Lathrop; in The Horn Book, v.2, n.4, p.16.

The whole story is kinda long to tell, but for this arc, after defeating a dragon (who happened to be just a sub-boss and not the one we were searching for) we somehow got transported/thrown into this other realm called “The Shadowfell.” We visited an adorable gift shop, had a prophetic minstrel sing to us about our adventures, they even offered a guided to tour of the lands there, on which we rode these flying dark horses. The tour dropped us off in one of the lands within The Shadowfell and we went exploring the dungeons there in search of the transportation device which would take us home.

We were only guessing that it was a transporter and even how to operate it. The heads of several of the creatures of that realm were etched in the pillars around the transporter, so we guessed that perhaps, from our many battles, if we took a head from one of each of them, and set them on each of the pillars, it would activate the transporter. Yeah, kinda grotesque sounding, but hey, it’s Dungeons and Dragons, what more can you ask for? Snips and snails and puppy dog tails? lol!

Well, upon defeating each of the creatures etched on the pillars, we gathered the heads, on Saturday we only had a couple of heads left to gather. Most notably that day, we fought 2 gelatinous cubes and some frog creatures. After that, we went back to the magical transporter room, simultaneously set them and the other heads on the pillars, the circle glowed with magicalness and we could smell the sweet scent of green grass. As a party, we all lept upon the transporter circle together. The pillars all sank down around the circle and the heads vaporized into nothing and suddenly we found ourselves back in our home-land and we could see the local town afar off in the distance. Yay!

After that we started walking back toward the town and came to a large river, but before crossing it, we took a break for the day. I went back to helping with the fishing booth at the carnival. And in three weeks time we’re planning to converge once again around the dining room table to play, Dungeon and Dragons and continue our adventure.

From Wonder Woman #604, available at Funny Business on Garey Ave!

On a funny note, last night I dropped on in to enjoy an evening with the Enchantress and we got talking about the elections of course and ze was just so glad that it was all over that night as ze would not have to suffer through any more political commercials on TV. lol.

In lots of jest, the Enchantress kept coming up with these hilarious fake wordings for campaign ads:

• “Meg Witman will take your children away and put them in government foster care. Jerry Brown will rape them once they’re there.”
• “Jerry Brown will foreclose on every home in Southern California. Meg Witman will sell them all on Ebay.”

I almost died laughing when ze made up the second one.

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