Menippean Phatic Communion

Last night I was over for dinner and drinks with the Enchantress of Alvarado, the Slut of the Skies, Trust Fund Girl, and Queen Rialta (I’ve not fully settled on their name, but it’ll do for now) and I finally looked up on the internet the meaning of “menippean phatic communion.” Now life makes oh so much more sense!!!! How could we go so long without this precious understanding!

Phatic” means:
    “denoting speech used to express or create an atmosphere of shared feelings, goodwill, or sociability rather than to impart information: phatic communion.”

It’s basically when you greet someone saying, “How’s it going?” and they respond, “Good morning!” There is no conveyance of knowledge whatsoever. It is merely an act which acknowledges the existence or presence of another. That’s it. You’re not telling them anything except to positively acknowledge existence.

“Menippean” is rooted from the cynic and satirist Menippus, one of the first satirists:
    “His works (written in a mixture of prose and verse) are all lost. He discussed serious subjects in a spirit of ridicule, and especially delighted in attacking the Epicureans and Stoics. Strabo and Stephanus call him the “earnest-jester”. His writings exercised considerable influence upon later literature, and the Menippean satire genre is named after him.”

Essentially, “menippean phatic communion,” all together, it means to acknowledge the existence of another using satire. Some people even believe that that is the only type of interaction which we presently have. I don’t fully believe that, but arguably, most of our interactions with each other today are menippean phatic communion.

A super duper example of this is the way the Slut of the Skies greets others, especially people that ze already knows. Hir greeting is typically simply to greet them with an extremely sarcastic, “Slut!” or “Whore!” or “Sleeze” or “B*tch.” Ze freely uses them all interchangeably. Hirs is to acknowledge the existence of the other, but with satire in the extreme.

Some would even argue that all of our economic relations are also menippean phatic communion, that they have no basis in any sort of realness, and as such, such relations are merely satire acknowledgments only. With the national debt spinning wildly out of control beyond anything imaginable, the dollar built on pretty much nothing at all, that all it is is simply paper — they’re in the backroom just printing it up and handing it out by the bucket fulls; in that world where money is NOTHING, all of our capitalist interactions are menippean phatic communion! Wow!

My report on the Mayfair Hotel is nearly complete and it should be completed in the next few hours, but I was just going crazy being so excited for finally learning what it means, I just had to say something. lol!

Menippean Phatic Communion. Wow. WooHoo!!!!! It’s the end of everything!  …or is it the beginning?

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