November’s Second Saturday

Well, it’s been a couple of days since last weekend’s Second Saturday, but I’m finally getting to typing up a bit of my adventures downtown. Last Saturday, myself, two housemates, and their two kids, all jumped on bicycles and we rode over the pavement and through the lovely, evening air, downtown to the Artwalk! We enjoyed looking at all of the chalk drawings made earlier in the day, browsed a bunch of the vendors at the “farmers market”, wandered all about in shops and galleries galore and I got to interview several wonderful artists too for my blog!

One of the biggest things that stunned me about the farmer’s market was how many people were selling homemade crocheted items. Crochet seems to be hittin’ it big! I didn’t wander through all of the booths of vendors, but counted at least five vendors who were selling homemade crocheted stuff. I don’t know about yall, but that seems pretty significant to me.

A book I’ve been meaning to purchase at The Magic Door was still there, but I so very rarely carry money or cards, or an id for that matter, that I still didn’t buy it. I’ve eyed it on their shelves for months now; it’s totally full of some great stuff I could include on this blog; I really should try to trouble myself to go down and get it; it’s such a goodie. I also got talking with Jo Ann there (spouse of the owner) and ze showed us a bunch of old postcards, and letters and such. Ze says that when they get in new boxes of used books, as they go through them, they often find treasures of cool old postcards, letters, birth certificates, etc. that people had stuffed into books and then forgotten about, and now a lot of them they have for sale up by the register. So if you’re stopping in at The Magic Door, be sure to check out their lovely old odds and ends section! :D

Another of our stops was Push. I’d been inside Push before, but it’s a completely amazing gallery and music venue where they play the most amazing soul music I’ve ever heard. In design theory, the uniqueness of a location is the thing that gives a place it’s meaning, and for downtown Pomona, Push is simply off the charts. A total gem for the Art Walk. I think I could just sit in there all night long and listen to the ab-so-lute-ly magical music there. Wow. Wow. Wow. I found a couple of functioning links to them; check them out on Facebook, and the page for their in-house band The Elament Music Group. I think if I could bottle their music and take it home with me, I would. In the back, they had a boutique of vendors and cupcakes for sale in the front!

We wandered a bit more, but the family I was with eventually headed home, I decided to wander on…. and talk with a couple of artists.

One of my stops was Bunny Gunner where arraying their walls was an exhibit called Meta by P. Williams. The paintings and other works that were there were a strange combination of sperm shapes, melted ice cream, and sea anemones tentacle shapes — all in rainbow colors! The colorful shapes were often exuding from people; my overall impression of this was that it represented the mediums by which we communicate with each other, be it vocal, visual, psychic, electronic, or whatever, but definitely drop on by this exhibit and reflect on it yourself. I had a great conversation with the artist too. Ze teaches animation and graphic design at the O.C. High School of the Arts in downtown Santa Ana and ze told me that ze considered this exhibit of work to be “a new river to engage an evolution” in their art. That this project was simply an evolution in expression from their last big artistic project – to expand and evolve it. If you check out some of the work on their website and blog, you can see that evolution a bit more clearly.

My next stop was Futures Collide where I met Eddie, who I found out lives only a block away from me in Lincoln Park, and who helps out with several projects in downtown Pomona, including with movies at the Fox. I found out that they are really trying to get the sound working properly for film screenings, but the major problem is that the big, grand sound system is wired for bands performing on the stage and that they either haven’t found wires running from the projection booth to the stage, or they need to get them installed. Anyway, there you go. Also, if you’re interested they’re looking for submissions for the gallery in the back of Futures Collide for the December Art Walk, the theme being a fight scenario of: Christ vs. Clause. For more information about submissions, email

For my next stop, I did not want to miss The Door Exhibit as one of my very favorite artists Rose Tursi (a.k.a. Professor Tursiart) was going to be there, so I did not pass Go, but went directly to hir door! As usual, it was absolutely fabulous to see hir. Ze told me that ze had just returned from a trip to Indonesia and Thailand, and while ze was there, ze kept seeing this mermaid engraved and painted everywhere, and the mermaid was even a figure in one of the traditional dances ze witnessed. Anyway, ze was quite mystified by this and started doing research on the figure and on mermaids from around the world. Ze found that the mermaid figure is found in cultural traditions from around the world (which of course leads me to ask, is there something we’re not being told!? lol!), but anyway, in wonder at it all, hir door was painted with mermaids from these various cultures the world over, and of course done so in the delightful, whimsical manner that is so Rose Tursi. For more information about hir work go directly to hir website! Ze even told me that someone has now invited hir to illustrate a mermaid book!

Rose also had a friend there by the name of Sherrie Crevoisier who also had a very interesting door which ze thrilled my ears with the tale of it’s meanings. Like looking through the panes of a window, in the panels of the door were painted the figure of a juggler/entertainer. Ze told me that in life, we are all faced with choices/doors/paths to take. Like the juggler, we have to choose which balls we are going to juggle, which we are not, and what pattern to juggle them in. (I had no idea that there were so many varieties of actual juggling patterns, but it makes sense that there would be.) And then even after choosing, it’s then about trying, even if you drop some occasionally. Ze said that the door is also a tribute to all of hir friends who are jugglers, “the amazing people who actually do this for a living.” Ze talked about how right now there is, also, a juggling theme in hir life:
    • High School English Teacher
    • Grad student
    • Comedian/entertainer
    • Artist/writer/poet
Actually to hear this tale from the artist hirself was quite moving and I didn’t suspect what a very deep meaning that it had for hir. Quite profound.

Well, I said good-bye to them all and off I went down Second Street. Dave Bullock’s L.A. Walkabouts. Stunning is all I can say. Stunning. Check it out.

And then I dropped on in to Father Bill Moore’s gallery where ze had both hir own work and the work of a guest artist, Michael Glass. I had a wonderful conversation with Michael Glass. Hir work is a whole lot of circles and lines on wood imbued with various colors. Strangely it reminded me of orbs! Ze told me that no one had told hir that parallel before, but I just happen to have been exposed to lots of images of orbs lately. lol. Beautiful intricate work.

Photo by Ren

I also finally really introducted myself to Father Bill. We talked about this one piece of hirs that I just ADORE! I wrote about it in a blog entry some time ago. Ze agreed that that was one of hir best pieces and ze told me that it recently got purchased by a gallery!

Photo by Ren

After that, it had been a while since dropping in to visit Lisa Cabrera at the old armory and so I did! Ze happens to have a new piece using her spreckled ink technique. It’s pretty cool; a tree showing the day and the night on either side of it. If you are into Day of the Dead type art, hir gallery is abundant with such art to prize for your own. Hir pieces in this genre are just really delightful and fun. Also, visit her on the web.

At about then, I was getting a bit tired and headed home, but really only scratched the surface of the Pomona Art Walk.

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