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From Peacock Pie by Walter John de la Mare, in The Horn Book, v.2, n.1, p.39.

Opera at 2nd Street Bistro

Last night I went out with a couple of friends to the 2nd Street Bistro in downtown Pomona to enjoy some Pomona Opera, by our very own Repertory Opera Company in Pomona. They’re trying to make every second Monday of each month an “opera cafe” night – and it was orgasmic to put it mildly; Pomona is just saturated with so much talent.

A lot of people from my church, St. Paul’s Episcopal in Lincoln Park are involved in the opera company so it was good to hang out with them, plus lots of others. For part of my worky-work I do web-design and website maintenance for the opera company, so I know a lot of the singers too. A bunch of people from church and some of the singers were laying on the pressure to get me to sing something (they all tell me that I am a very good singer), but I told them, maybe for next month’s opera night at the Bistro I’d grace them with a song. And one of the singers even volunteered to help me learn a song for next month!

The singing was actually so orgasmic, there were times that the music just seemed to pulsate into my very soul. I’d attended before and the talent in Pomona is just amazing. As usual, the food was delicious, but still not so much vegan friendly if you are a vegan, I didn’t bother to ask too much, but just stayed away from the meat. It’s a pretty penny for the opera cafe, so if you can’t afford it, just find one of your much more well-off friends and enjoy the evening with them! You’ll get to enjoy orgasmic opera and wonderfully good company too!

A Calendar

With all the stuff I’m involved with – for one of my web-design clients, I’ve been installing a calendaring program on their professional site. A couple of other Pomona blogs have a “Pomona Events” calendar section (see the M-M-M-My Pomona Blog, The Pomona Public Library Blog, Pomona Neighborhood Watch Blog, and The Pomona Art Colony Blog) but it’s a little hard to access, and doesn’t focus on my little corner of Pomona, “my beat” in Pomona. Anyway, in the coming weeks I’m looking into adding something like that in, just so that my readers can know stuff that’s going on in Lincoln Park and in my occasional ventures beyond the neighborhood.

I’ve also been toying with a couple of other the ideas of creating a subsection of this site for neighborhood networking in Lincoln Park, or perhaps a completely separate site, but we’ll see how that goes. It’s still all just mental candy for the time being, nothing solid.

A Recent Article on Blogging Got Me Thinking

I saw an article the other day about blogging trends and it got me thinking about the future of media, especially in the midst of the chip-landscape. It got me thinking that maybe we need to be developing local neighborhood networks. Maybe I ought to cancel my deal with my host provider and set up my own internet server at home. Maybe I should help to build a literal neighborhood, chip-landscape network. Will we see the end of newspapers, will neighborhood papers, or electronic networks, be created instead. As the internet dissolves everything we know, will it even spell the end of electronic communication altogether and instead only face to face stuff. A lot of crazy stuff I’ve been munching on in my brain.

In this evolution, perhaps maybe I should enjoy spending some time in some other related medias such as with Flash and melding it with the concept of memes, and then incorporating those very unique resultant creations within this site. The proliferation of memes is also a sure sign of the soon coming end of copywritten property, and even the end of all property as we know it. While finishing my graduate degree, my research and theory development focused primarily on meaning creation through physical design, but the basic principles one can actually apply to anything to enhance meaning creation to the n-th degree. The medium of Flash and the concept of memes is one more simple application of the theory behind meaning creation itself for human beings.

Triple Crochet

I recently lost a favorite pink scarf of mine and so sad, I’ve been crocheting myself a new one off and on yesterday, but I’ve been plowing through this crochet project with a speed that I never had before. I know it’s the yarn and the stitch I’m using. A neighbor was telling some time ago when I was first learning to crochet, that the triple and quadruple crochet stitches make one’s project go so much faster — and I’m finally finding out how true that is. This scarf is my first adventure using the triple stitch and I’ve been stunned.

The Slut of the Skies Returns

The Enchantress of Alvarado’s partner, the Slut of the Skies is back in town through the end of the week, so I’m so excited to hang out additionally with hir in the evenings and maybe I’ll pop on by during the day sometime too while the Enchantress is at work! I was talking with the Enchantress and I think we’re gonna do a weekend trip to Disneyland, so that should be totally fun (since ze works for Disney, ze can take several guests in for free!)

Ghosts in the Mayfair Hotel!

As I’ve been going through the photos the Enchantress took for me for my report on the progress of the Mayfair renovation, we both found that most of the pictures had orbs in them. When you see an orb in a picture, it’s suppose to be a photographic sign of a ghost or spirit. So that is pretty cool. The Mayfair has ghosts! I guess it is an old building, with lots of people who’ve passed through those walls (historically, and literally, too! lol!)

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