A Busy Weekend

It has been a darned busy weekend. The most significant thing to me was being a part of the Pomona blogger’s float in the Pomona Christmas Parade. We all had matching T-shirts, decorated up a truck, put a Christmas tree in the back and decorated it with old computer parts, and etc., etc. And then we all walked or rode the parade route telling people all about our great endeavors to blog about our fabulous city! We handed out close to a thousand flyers in total about our blogs as we traversed the parade route.

Among the bloggers, most all of us have blogrolls in the sidebar of our blogs, linking us to other Pomona blogs, but there was talk among us about putting together a Pomona “Blog Hub” where all the blogs of Pomona are linked, which would be super awesome. I’d thought of this too, but it looks like one of the other bloggers is going to take the reigns on that project.

Anyway, it was a totally awesome parade. There were a ton of floats representing an enormous array of different groups, the infamous Mayor Moochie made a cameo, a whole bunch of cool old cars made their way down the route, and marching bands galore. The parade was amazingly well organized and although the pre-parade staging area by Western University looked helter-skelter, the parade organizers somehow made it all work out great! I think other bloggers have or are going to post pictures, but for now, for me, that’s good enough.

Among interesting conversations yesterday at all the festivities was with someone quite involved in the Pomona Historical Society, I actually got a good bit of clarification from them about the difference between the Pomona Historical Society and the Pomona Heritage group. The Pomona Historical Society actually focuses mostly on restoring and preserving key historic structures in Pomona (of which there are quite a few). They do this through purchasing structures themselves, or by simply encouraging the restoration of such structures by existing owners. The Pomona Heritage group on the other hand is something sort of like unto a homeowners association that encourages folks to generally fix up their historic homes in the city, but also encourages the formation of ‘designated historic neighborhoods.’ As part of that mission, they put on the Annual Pomona Historic Home Tour every fall and the Annual Old Home Restoration Workshop. Anyway, I am so glad to have that cleared up better to more clearly understand the difference between the two.

(Oh, just as a relatively unrelated sidenote, I was hanging out at Funny Business on Friday night and the big sale they expected to have on the 23rd may be postponed.)

I actually decided to skip the 2nd Art Walk last night as a couple of housemates, friends, and myself had a Dungeons and Dragons game scheduled from a few weeks back. And we had a wonderful time as usual. I don’t exactly recall what I’d spoken of in past entries about this, but our group is basically on a new adventure now, off to a land in the mountains formerly inhabited by dwarves, but now overrun by orcs, to rid that land of the orcs so that the dwarves may return.

And last night as part of our adventure, we had a huge battle in the tunnel through the mountains leading to the dwarf land. Now it was no battle with a snow monster like on the Matterhorn at Disneyland, last night we fought a bunch of giant mosquito creatures and their babies, stumbled all through the battle due to some unusual earthquakes in the region, and as the earth shook, gigantic cracks in the ceiling and floor opened up, out of one of which climbed a fleet of spider monsters with which we did battle. Ug, it was long and we weren’t actually sure if we’d survive it all!!!!, but somehow, miraculously — we did.

And today after church, I’m looking forward to watching White Christmas at the Fox! Yay! Pomona is so awesome!

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