The End of Everything

You all may remember my article on menippean phatic communion, well, it gets even crazier. In the article I talk about the end of money – how money is really nothing now at all, that it literally is a form of menippean phatic communion because they just continue to print it up endlessly, without limit. Well, some might argue that not only has the end of money come, but the end of everything has come!!!!

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.2, p.114, available at Funny Business on Garey Ave!

I recently heard an interview of someone involved in the oligarchy and from their perspective, as production skyrocketed and the information age dawned, with radio and television, then spilling out into the internet, all they could really do was sit on their most solid assets and go with the ride.

We live in a world where with especially the world wide web, production of everything, especially information is produced so incredibly without limit and without price, that it too is quite literally nothing at all, that there is no price that we can place upon it, at least nothing truly quantifiable. And even in the stores, we have reached a point in our economic relations that everything is so cheaply and easily produced that we fill whole stores with products for 99 cents each! Information has become devalued to nothing, and with torrential industrialization, so have physical products, too.

In an age where I don’t have to actually physically visit the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, to experience them, but can explore them through not simply the portal of a book, but the portal of the internet, by Flickr or some virtual projection. With this saturating deluge of information coupled with everything else around it plummeting to nothing, even real estate loses it’s value in that landscape. And while in backrooms they print up the money day and night, endlessly, running the debts up to eternity, no one can keep up with the collapse — We’re all in the spiraling current, confidence in the dollar is gone, the ownership of instruments of debt and paying them back gone too, and real estate prices continue to spiral to nothing.

By a recent posting at Pomona’s Original Skrip blog, there are sundry photos of theaters in various “stages of decay.” Perhaps the comparison is more complex, but maybe it’s not. Also, on The David Allen Blog, Allen stated in the comments section that it is more and more difficult these days for them to keep the ends together there at the newspaper as they are so understaffed. And now I saw a new blog open this week, Eyeonpomona, which is seeking to cover the political scene better in our city. With information now spilling out freely on the web, with our lives interweaving electronically, there is less reason to go to the theater to watch a play or a film, less reason to go to a church for some greater knowledge or communion, less reason to buy a newspaper for the latest news. So people are now walking away from maintaining many of such structures at all. The theater, the church, the paper — They are all dissolving, even decaying into nothing.

Everything is now caught in the whirlpool of the end of everything.

As I sat at the Second Street Bistro this week, enjoying their monthly Opera Cafe, brought to us by the local Repertory Opera Company, I thought to myself about the extreme talent of which Pomona possesses. With the deluge of information, anyone and everyone may learn virtually anything they like. Certainly, singing is a momentous skill, and it was obvious that night which singers among those who preformed were the most adept in that great talent, and which were not, but with the internet, one can reach millions with their voice. The traditional filters of authority have also been devalued til all that is left is nothing but you, yourself, judging it all.

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.3, p.127.

The traditional authorities and powers might quite literally be running scared. All things hidden are being revealed. We are seeing the illusions all around us for what they are – nothing. Yes, some may be afraid, because their end is soon at hand, not by you or me, but by the whirlpool all around us, sucking all of us down into the realm of nothing. And what will we do then, what will we call ourselves, what kind of people and land will we be? Now is the glorious time of imagination.

As I look at Pomona, we are a beacon of hope. Here at the center of this little valley are forces of adaptation and evolution at work stronger than anywhere, and here by our imaginations is this new creation begun, even as we cross into that other side, into that very new realm. That new creation. Welcome.

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