The Kingdoms of This World are Become

Been at church most of the day. Today after church, the choir and a bunch of folks from the local opera company put on a big Christmas show at St. Paul’s Episcopal. It’s become an annual thing at the church, they serve tea (a bunch of varieties) and cookies, and perform a large array of Christmas numbers. I was a backstage person for the whole thing, filling bags of loose leaf tea for them to take out, making sure the giant pots of water on the stove were full and toasty hot, throwing things into the oven to be cooked or heated up, sipping on the most amazing teas and a sherry from Spain that was just astounding (they don’t call us “Wiskepalians” for nothing), as well as doing sundry other things to help make the whole thing a lovely success!

It is a strange sensation when all of life becomes a continuous orgasm. In a lull in the orgasm of the work, as I sat in the kitchen listening to all of the beautiful music reverberating in from the gathering hall nearby, I could hear the words of the scripture, sung, “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdom of our God, and of his Christ.” Surely, it is come!

In other news, I’ve been slowly trying to learn PHP, and while hanging out at Funny Business on the weekends, as very difficult a task as it is — I try, as usual, to find a manga as good as Ninin Ga Shinobuden. lolololol! Currently I’ve been slowing filtering through their boxed manga collections. Also, for anyone interested, Funny Business is having a big Christmas sale on Thursday, December 23. All of their boxes of comics with red tags on them are 50% off that day only. Actually, any sale for them is a rarity, so if there are some older comics that you’ve been itching to collect, or get for one of your neifs or something for Christmas, I definitely won’t be missing it. :)

And also this weekend, I borrowed the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service from Joey and watched it last night at The Enchantress of Alvarado’s. What a totally great movie! It wasn’t quite as powerful as Toy Story 3, but just a fun, feel-good movie. I mean reviewers will say a film is “feel good,” but this really was. It was about believing in yourself (and others) and in your knowing, living in the fullest passion.

Tearin’ it up on the weekend – in Pomona.

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