Gardening, Comics, and Bars


From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.3, p.36.

Most of Thursday and Friday, a housemate and myself went to work on our backyard to transform a great portion of it into beds for crops. They’re now done and they look awesome. Now we just need to put in the irrigation system, which we have most of together. One of the things I’ve really wrestled with is whether we should put in a drip systems or do flood irrigation. Honestly, it expends more water to do flood irrigation in the backyard, that’s the method I grew up doing, but the advantage is that it does not rely on a technological system to feed it. Well, for now, we’re going the water conserving route and doing a drip system.

Superman and Wonder Woman comics

So this weekend I was hanging out at Funny Business and the latest Superman came out this past week and I found out that J. Michael Straczynski dropped writing for Superman! Tragedy!!!! He was so amazing! Anyway, reading later on the web, after finishing the graphic novel Superman: Earth One for Marvel Comics, ze’s been so busy working on the sequel for it, that ze hasn’t had the time to continue writing the regular, monthy, Superman and Wonder Woman comics, but the writers who are taking them up are going to be using hir story notes and consulting with hir all along the way to be sure it stays true to the stories ze intended, so, if anything, that’s good.

The Hook Up

Then later in the weekend, Sunday night, the Enchantress of Alvarado, Trust Fund Girl, myself, and another friend, all went down and had drinks at The Hook Up – which is a bar in Pomona. It’s really close to the Alibi East bar, across the street and down one block on the left. This was my first time at this bar and I had a great time!

The Hook Up, like the Alibi East, is a mostly queer folk bar, but much smaller and more intimate than the Alibi East. Also, if you can’t handle cigarettes well, there is smoking indoors there, but it actually adds to the ambiance and intimacy, although if you aren’t a smoker, be warned, you will come home smelling of cigarettes, a small price I think for a great time. They also have a pool table, a great jukebox, and even a small dance floor to get busy with it. The Enchantress and Trust Fund Girl went crazy with the jukebox and played a bunch of Kelly Clarkson and Incubus — they’re thoroughly obsessed, but it’s cute.

And the bar lived up to it’s name, I exchanged phone numbers with someone while I was there! Drop on in to “hook up” at 1047 E. Second St., Pomona!

See ya ‘round Pomona!!!

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