What’s Up Doc?

I don’t know what to write about, so I’ve just started to write. Lots of exciting things are going on for me. When I got back from my holiday travels, I went to go visit the Enchantress of Alvarado who had also been out and about traveling over the holidays too, so we hadn’t actually seen or talked to each other in two or three weeks. For Christmas I had crocheted the Enchantress a lovely potholder for hir kitchen and gotten hir giant dog some tasty doggie treats. When I finally went on over to visit hir this week, ze had gotten me Katy Perry’s first album (I already had hir second album) and the complete first season of Glee!!!!! I was soooo stoked! So this week, I’ve been spending most evenings huddled at the tube watching an episode of Glee, and the rest of the time, glutting myself with Katy Perry.

In the nether spaces, opera season continues with a show coming up in about a month: Romeo and Juliet (in French, by Charles Gounod). It should be a fantastic show, so get yourself some tickets and come on down. And don’t be intimidated by it being in French either. I must admit that I had my own hesitations, but the Opera’s artistic director, LizBeth Lucca, is so incredibly good that even if you don’t know precisely what they’re saying, the singers act the parts so well that you actually can understand! Plus these opera singers are pretty much some of the most fantastic singers you could ever hear — we are so blessed in Pomona! So get yourself some tickets to the show at repertoryoperacompany.org and fill yourself with wonderfulness!

Hmmm, among other stuff, outside of the Enchantress’ potholder I crocheted, I also this week got myself caught up in crocheting one more for my house as well, still chugging away at trying to get that alter cloth made for church, but it’s just a big intricate cloth, so it takes time. The smaller projects allow me to feel ‘completion success’ as I work on the long haul projects.

Wow, and is it chapped lip season or what? I can’t seem to put on chapstick fast enough to keep my lips from drying out. It’s crazy!

Our church Bible study group continues on. This week we finished reading the story of Noah, which of course included many verses of genealogy from that beforetime. Relatedly, I’ve been continuing to study material by The Church of the Subgenius, and Ion, which is excellent stuff. I was talking yesterday afternoon with Joey, at Funny Business, and ze doesn’t like not having a rule that it’s important to physically pass on, but we’re always in an ongoing dialogue about such things.

In the latest news, I just saw a court ruling out of Massachusetts that the banks now can’t foreclose on your house anymore if you stop making payments to them. Sounds like everyone’s got their houses free and clear now. No more house payments for anyone! There’s nothing to worry about, I really don’t have to do anything but have fun all day! This is interesting news too in the light of other stories a buzz about the economy on the up tick. Everything is working out the most perfectly wonderfully and delightfully!

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.1, p.90.
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