Repaving Pomona

Well, the past few days in front of my house here in Lincoln Park, the road paving crew has been tearing off the first layer of asphalt on the roads, and now maybe today they’ll be putting down a fresh layer of asphalt. Their work on the street sometimes makes the windows rattle and definitely makes a lot of noise, but it’s a small price to pay for good roads here in Pomona.

Hmmm, and rumor/theory has been circulating that the big reason that that they replaced all those water mains in parts of our lovely city was because when the fire happened at The Garden – a plant nursery, and at 2 Old Divas yarn shop, both on Garey Avenue, about a year and a half ago, the water pressure was so low that they resultantly had trouble re-routing water to the fire to actually put it out. As some of you may have noticed – and some neighbors and myself have also noticed – they have replaced all of the hydrants in this area and especially have added EXTRA fire hydrants now in the area too. Very suspicious! lolol! Well, now next time, they’ll have plenty of good water pressure and hydrants to access in case there is a fire again!

Well, and now that all the streets around here have been torn up for that, it’s just proper to re-pave everything to make the cut up streets look not so cut up.

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.3, p.98 (mangas like this are read from right to left!).

In other news…

Yesterday was Bob Dobb’s birthday!!!! Happy birthday Bob! Praise Bob! for more information about Bob, visit or Bob’s forum at!

Wow, and this is my 100th blog entry! Shocking that one could endure carrying on like this for so long, but it’s great fun. See ya ‘round Pomona!!!!

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