A Miraculous Age

I was just thinking yesterday morning. We live in such a miraculous season. At my fingertips I have all the music I could almost ever dream about listening to on YouTube alone. It’s pretty much limitless. And there are folk out there who are super into Pandora in which they can listen to music endlessly and their site is smart enough to only play the songs you’ll like based on the songs you say you like.

Another thing that is quite interesting about especially Top 40 music right now is the proliferation of songs about self-esteem! I was just looking over the Top 40 and it is rampant with such songs — as if personal strength and will and esteem is a really important thing right now in society.

From Wonder Woman #604, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

It is an interesting thing too that an individual can become an overnight musical phenomenon through YouTube alone. I think the most recent big example to me of this is the overnight sensation of Rebecca Black with hir song Friday. But we see it in a lot of other recent examples, such as Charlie Sheen too with hir fanatical craziness bring broadcast to the world through various channels of the web.

It’s as though the venue of the television morphed and available for personal use makes the possibility for anyone to literally become a overnight global sensation — though perhaps a mere fleeting sensation, though I’m still probably never going to forget the double rainbow meme on YouTube.

All of this leads me to ask, “What’s next? What could possibly be next and what does this all mean?”

I keep hearing talk across the internet of the imminent collapse of governments across the world including ours here in the U.S. The more I think about this, whether it’s true or not, it would certainly have interesting consequences. I was over for drinks at the Enchantress’ the other day and I wondered in conversation about this there too, that governments and capitalism quite radically inhibit the evolution of us as a civilization of human beings. Capitalism relies on planned obsolescence to keep monies coming in, also they most certainly have a great motivation to hold back technological innovations until they have exhausted the selling of the latest technologies. They don’t want us to evolve technologically too fast so as to exhaust the money making potential of the existing technology base. There is also likely the immense desire for governments to maintain some level of control or especially security. The problem to throwing technological evolution into overdrive and letting it completely leave behind old ways is that the existing power/authority structures would probably be left powerless —— just like the old television landscape is experiencing right now.

From Power Girl #22, p.2, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

As I meditate upon these things, I oddly think about how I keep hearing people repeatedly complain about us not having flying, anti-gravity cars yet. I would reason that the reason that we don’t have these yet is the same reason we don’t knowingly have quantum-computers as our home computers yet. These kind of technologies would leave the existing power/authority structures in the dust. Personal computers could break all computer codes; formerly “sacred” military air-space could be quite more than easily traversed by one’s personal vehicles reaching profound velocities and traversing “sacred” areas, destroying/transforming these institutional memes. And even outer-space would be quite easily available to the common, everyday individual.

Moreover, it is strangely even more significant to me to see that international business forums and conferences are being held right now to discuss what the global business community will do post-contact with extra terrestrials.

Perhaps equally profound is a recent statement by secretary of state, Ms. Clinton, in which ze expressed that the U.S. is ‘losing the media war’. What are we to take from that – that truly the former social structures are surely crumbling before our eyes. As if those structures are losing a war to hold on to the last vestiges of their power/authority in the midst of the superstar status of every single individual.

“What’s next? What could possibly be next and what does this all mean?” As I put my finger to the pulse of society, with the social landscape in overdrive, I’d say that we’re not only on the verge of a monumental global social change, we’ve passed the verge and are right now in the middle of it that very, very dramatic change. Get ready folks, it’s gonna get more wild and bizarre, but the most wonderful world that we could imagine. I think we will just naturally, we are naturally right this very hot second crossing that social threshold and I think that there is almost nothing that can be done to stop it.

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