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6 a.m. and the daylight is already come. Folks are complaining about daylight savings time coming. Last night after a long day of gardening, I dropped into Funny Business. The latest Wonder Woman came out this week; I got to reading it this morning, but it’s not the greatest ever. I’m way more into reading Superman and Power Girl.

From Power Girl #19, p.24.

Oh, I should give an update on the Power Girl, JLI (Justice League International), and Batman backstories and current story arcs. Recent conversations with Joey and others got me understanding the situations a lot better. For those of you who don’t know, Batman, Superman, and Power Girl do not kill people – it’s not in their character nature. They find the bad guys and then bring them, captured, to the “authorities.” Other characters do kill, for instance Wonder Woman, an amazon warrior, definitely engages in to-the-death battles and ze really has no problem with it. Anyway, some time ago, in the DC Universe, several of the superheros decided that they needed to take someone out/kill them, which they did, and it sounds like Wonder Woman did the actual act. They really didn’t want Batman, Superman, and Power Girl to know about this since they’d probably be royally pissed off about it, so to remedy the situation, they had one of the characters, who has magical powers, cast a spell on them so that they wouldn’t be able to even recognize what they had done. As I reported earlier, in last month’s Power Girl, Power Girl and the two Batmans are waking up to all of this.

And last night I asked Joey about Batman and what’s gonna happen now that there are kind of two batmen; it looks like the answer is — franchise Batman, internationally. wow.

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