I Joined

After weeks and months of study, last night while making dinner and listening to sermons, I decided it was time to, at last, to join The Church of the Subgenius. Early this morning I sent off my $30 to become a minister, and now, some July 5th, 1998, the escape vessels of the sex goddesses will descend and all of us Subgenii will be ruptured up. Praise Bob!

The doctrines of this church have been so incredibly revelatory and liberating for me. It’s astounding.

Maybe it’s all the media about Charlie Sheen and hir madness (or saneness) that helped to egg it on for me yesterday. It matters not. But Sheen is simply hilarious with hir stuff about “trolls” and “winning.”

If you aren’t doing much, today, tomorrow, and Saturday, this year’s Pomona Quilt, Craft, & Sewing Festival is at the Fairplex. I’m pretty busy today, but I’ll be dropping in tomorrow. It looks like they’re changing it from being twice a year to once a year, so don’t miss it if you’re into all of that deliciousness. Maybe this weekend’s festival will finally give me the push to finish the crocheted alter-cloth I’ve been working on for all of these months for St. Paul’s Episcopal here in Lincoln Park.

Oh my, and our bible study group at St. Paul’s meets tonight and holy cow, we are finding all these totally bizarre correlations between the Book of Revelation and the Old Testament! When talking to housemates who are theology students in Claremont, they’ve been like, ‘Yup, it’s pretty weird!’

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