Some Pretty Amazing Churches

Due to too much worky job stuff, I won’t be heading to the Fairplex for the craft fair til probably Saturday, but as some of you know, I do web design and also gardening for people for FRNs and while out and about today doing the gardening thing, I needed to use a restroom and the folks there were not home, so I decided that instead of bicycling a few blocks to my home, I’d walk across the street to use the restroom of the nearby church — and it was a beautiful church!

We are so blessed here in Pomona with so many beautiful structures, but especially churches. Sanctuaries seem to come a dime a dozen in this town, but there sure are some pretty ones. This one is at the north west corner of Main and Center; it doesn’t really look like much from the outside, but the inside is just a gem! It’s got an eye popping semi-circular balcony in the sanctuary, beautiful old pews, a circular stained-glass skylight that is stunning!!!!, along with other gorgeous stained glass windows throughout. Wow. Yeah, I’m lame and didn’t even bother to find out the name of the place, but, oh well.

As I was working in this neighborhood in Pomona, I got to thinking a lot about urban planning stuff. As some of you may know, I have mustards in urban planning, and I started thinking while there, I should write about Pomona planning stuff more. Pomona really doesn’t really have much going on and I think the profession itself is mostly a waste; if anything, planners ought more to be public educators and not policy enforcers. (Wow, and John Clifford recently has been posting some great insightful stuff about planning in Pomona). —— Anyway, like Dobbstown, maybe I need to think of Pomona as Gogatown. Yeah! As I lumber through eternity, I’ve decided to stay here in this place for I don’t know how long, but it’s a good place, and maybe I need to start spouting some directions. Not that any Gogatownians are even reading this blog or anything, it doesn’t matter, just that I’m spitting it out is what matters; like Emperor Norton of San Francisco fame. And by hir command, they built the Bay Bridge, and now they’re building a second one.

I must say, however displeased I was with the neighborhood I was gardening in this afternoon, that Pomona is coming along, and I appreciate all the effort that some folks are engaged in to make that happen. The resurrection of the Mayfair Hotel. The Fox theater renovated to have concerts, movies, and other events once again. The revival of Second Street. The efforts that Pilgrim Congregational puts in to maintain their beautitful church on my namesake street. Thank you Gogatown! Continue to do more of the same, the most wonderful and delightful things.

Tonight at bible study, and now as I type this, I’ve just been sipping on the most amazingly delicious drink! Make a big pot of hearty black tea, get yourself a mason jar, dump in several heaping spoonfuls of brown sugar, then a little bit of powdered cocoa/chocolate, pour the hot black tea in almost all the way to the top while thoroughly mixing in a huge spoonful of peanut butter, and then top it off by mixing in your preference of milk alternative (rice, soy, or almond milk or some mix of those) and it might leave you with a little upset stomach for the weak tummied, but WOW! — heaven.

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