Sustainability Seminar 2011

I have not been in the blogosphere for even an entire year yet, but for the past couple of years, I know the Goddess of Pomona has reported on the Regen community in Pomona putting on an annual workshop series called their Sustainability Seminar. I’ve gotten word that it is this coming Saturday – yes, same day and time as the Old Home Restoration workshops, but if you aren’t so much into home repair or think you might like a break, definitely drop on by and check out some of their workshops too! They are a local group, right here in the Lincoln Park District (only two blocks directly north from where the Old Home Restoration workshops will be).

I got an email list of the workshops being presented and so far they are:

  • DIY Bicycle Repair
  • Bonsai Basics
  • Plants of Regen
  • What is Regeneration?
  • Pomona’s Green Initiatives
  • Sustainable Prescription for Health
  • Sewing Your Own Clothes
  • Reducing exposure to toxic stuff around us… OR Worm bin/Composting
  • Solar Energy in the Home
  • Catch the rain

They’ve also got a publicity page up on their website at and I’ve plopped in this year’s flier below. See you there!!!

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