Musings on the Threadbare Edge of Sanity

Some events and conversations over the past few days have gotten me thinking of lots of sundry things. For instance…

Cloud Computing

So I’m talking with someone at church on Sunday and they tell me that “cloud computing” is becoming a trendy thing among hir techy friends. I responded that although many folks may like it a lot, I really don’t think it’s a good idea, I don’t encourage my clients to use cloud computing, and I personally try to avoid it as much as I can.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, cloud computing is when you trust some online services or entities to have your data, website, or whatever other information you’ve got, on multiple computers/servers who knows where somewhere on the internet. The advantage of this is that when you wish to access your “stuff,” it will be pulled in from the locations (wherever those are) with the highest speed accessibility, and thus it’s faster to pull up your data/files/web-pages/etc.

The disadvantage of this is that it’s quite overly redundant and infrastructurally unsustainable to have your stuff spread out everywhere, and who-knows-where. So it can be super fast, but at the expense of nebulous redundancy and overkill infrastructure.

The words “cloud computing” itself sound rather light and surreal; they are quite a fun metaphoric word play. But if you’ve got your own computer, keep your files on it, if you have or rent server space for your websites, keep your files on your server, if you backup your data, get yourself an external hardrive, save it. Basically, be responsible with what you have. Cloud computing is irresponsible computing.

On a lighter note, “Bob” says, ‘If you eat a hamburger, eat the hell out of it.’

From Hornbook, v.1, n.5, p33.

Bus Stops and Salvation

I was sitting at the bus stop the other day and dang it, Pomona, as much as, yes, thankfully you have those beautiful benches to sit upon while waiting for the bus, but you really need to get some better covering over them from the sun and rain. Sometimes waiting for the bus is like waiting on a sea for your ship to finally make eye contact with the shore, when really, it should be the reverse at a bus stop. The bus stop should be comfortable and lovely for all who wait there. Some people love the elements. They love to wait at the bus stop and let the rain pour down upon them; some like to wait at the bus stop and let the sun pour down upon them. We’ll I’d appeciate being able to go to the bus stop and enjoy the shade while I wait thank you very much!

From Seventeen, Feb. 1972, p.117.

Yes, I appreciate also the effort that local officials have put in to providing electrically powered buses. That is ever so wonderful. I realize that it very well might take just a few more nuclear power plants to blow up, a few more 12 toed babies being born, a few more toxic oil spills to occur, before the alien space gods to come down or people themselves to wake up and get ourselves some free energy devices, but in the meantime, we’ve got some lovely electric buses and bus recharging stations — in the meantime, more shade, please, too, at these bus stops.

So I’m sitting on the lovely bench at the bus stop, anticipating the arrival of a sleek electric bus, and someone comes up, sits down on the bus stop bench, and we have a most wonderful and splendid conversation! This fellow people seemed to have lived in Pomona for some time and they spoke to me about how they had gotten “jumped”/beat up twice in Pomona. They told me that ze had not meant any harm, but that ze just must’ve said the wrong thing or something; they were a white person, not terribly well-versed in Spanish, but had said something in Spanish and it sounded like it had just set some other people off. I expressed that I don’t even really ever try to speak it since I don’t really know Spanish.

Still, I was quite surprised. I can’t believe that there are people that actually engage in such awful behavior in our fair city. I have heard other similar horror stories from people lately. Oh the deathly screams! Oh the pain! I thank God or Bob or whoever every day for my salvation or TRIPLE my money back.

The Enchantress’ Yard

Outside of that the Enchantress of Alvarado just planted hir yard up with a freaking ton more flowers! When one walks into the yard, it’s like a nose safari!


Wow, and wasn’t last night’s Glee episode one of the best ever!!!!! Oh that look that Rachel gave Finn as ze stood center stage and looked at hir off stage – priceless. I can’t get over that. Wow, and two BOYS kissed FULL ON in this week’s show; I could hardly believe the progress network TV has made, and this is a kids show! Gay kissing on a major-network kids show! I so hope that Santana and Brittany finally really hook up, too! What would really put Glee over the top is if they finally incorporated polyamory into the show. I love Glee!!!!!

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.2, p.38.


The bizarre miracles continue to happen. I just open my mouth and it happens. I don’t wish to delve into too much detail, but Saturday I told someone that a miraculous thing would happen in a specific miraculous way and, talking to them on Sunday, it did. Holy Sh*t.

I’m not overwhelmed, just trying to get used to this being normal.

Traditional intuition to me seems almost counterintuitive.

Priests at a Bible Study

And finally, after two whole years of our little weekly Bible study group meeting at the church, one of the priest, I hear rumor through email, they might, might, might! show up to join us! Honestly, when I helped start the group, I wasn’t getting what I needed at the time from our church and really felt that I needed a good weekly supplement. Certainly this has helped do the trick for me. I kept telling the priests about our group and all, and trying to get our group in the church bulletin, but I they never seemed to make it out. We have a new priest now who recently joined the parish, so ze is the one who may be joining us this week. I must admit that there has been many a time, when it would’ve been nice to have a priest around to give us their “professional” and “academic” input on the scriptures. Perhaps this will do quite nicely.

Well, everything is well and getting weller and turning out the most wonderfully that it ever could.

See ya ‘round Pomona!

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