As I Cut My Toenails to Power the Planet

Wow, it’s been way too many days since I’ve posted. I’m getting out of practice. Well, at this moment, I’m back. So far it’s been a great weekend.

From the cover of Wonder Woman #601, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

New Wonder Woman out this Week

The latest Wonder Woman came out, ze died and in a nether-world between life and death, ze met a former enemy, but someone who cared about hir enough to help bring hir back to life, and at the end of the comic, ze woke up from hir near-death peregrination.

Running into the Goddess of Pomona

Oh, while out and about on Friday at Funny Business I ran into the Goddess of Pomona! It sounds like ze has permanently taken down hir blog and has no plans to put it back up, but really wants to start up a Pomona homesteading website/blog in its place. Ze has been talking to me about doing that for quite some time. I think I’d actually really like to help hir get that going more, but I’ve been pretty swamped with worky-job stuff myself and with my own slack-life stuff lately and trying to keep myself as sane as possible. lol!

Media Ecology

Outside of my SubGenius studies, I’ve been tuning a lot into the theories of Bob Dobbs hirself in so far as media ecology, but especially as it affects spirituality has been particularly striking to me. I had never considered that, that the deluge of information into our lives has absolutely affected how we perceive ourselves and our relationship to religion and spirituality.

With electronic media’s mass saturation of ideas concerning religion (and everything else for that matter), trudging through the guten swamp all around us, we literally are forced to re-evaluate all of our foundational thoughts about religon and literally go on quests to figure this sh*t out for ourselves — to find that quite dramatic point of being re-oriented under these new media conditions. Exciting and insightful stuff, to say the least.

Pomona Green Initiatives

Yesterday the Regenerative Cooperative of Pomona had their annual Sustainability Seminar, which I attended, and Daryl Grigsby, the Director of Public Works for Pomona gave a presentation on “Pomona’s Green Initiatives”! I was totally unaware of all that Pomona is doing in these regards, but it’s pretty cool.

Did you know that Pomona has THE ONLY 100% electric public buses in the United States, running up and down Garey Avenue!? Cool huh!? The city is working right now to get installed energy efficient lighting in all the street lights throughout the city. And unlike most cities in the L.A. Region who get their water from the Sacramento River, Pomona is quite water independent as we get almost all of our water from local wells and other local sources.

In spite of all these good things, ze said that Pomona is probably one of the most bicycle un-friendly cities in the nation, but they are really trying to turn that around. Presently there are very, very few bicycle parking areas in Pomona, which I have complained about on numerous occasions on this blog, but the city is starting to remedy this. There is already bike parking at the downtown transit omphalos, but parking was recently installed in front of the Helix Housing at Western U., and in front of the Pho restaurant downtown, and they are in the process of adding new parking installations elsewhere. They’re also trying to add bicycle lanes on streets as they can.

Good terrain (not lots of hills) and excellent weather year round make Pomona an ideal city for bicycling, and they announced at the workshop too that a local Pomona leisure bicycling group has been started up too. They meet up every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. at the corner on Second and Thomas. They’re calling themselves RAP, for Ride Around Pomona. So if you’ve got a bicycle and would like to do some fun cycling around Pomona — jump in!

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.3, p.36.

Other Workshops

There were lots other great workshops too, I especially liked the Bonsi Basics workshop where we learned how to make Bonsi trees. They were pretty dang cool looking; you can even make them grow into all sorts of shapes and get the roots to grow over large rocks and obstacles, too. Amazing stuff!

Happy Thought
by Robert Louis Stevenson, from Child’s Garden of Verses and Underwoods, p.33:

The World is so full of a number of things,
I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.

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