Rambling On

Chilling out this weekend, enjoying living it up in Pomona.

Free Comic Book Day

Saturday was free comic book day at Funny Business and the big thing I picked up was a free edition of Green Lantern, which tells some of the early backstory of that super hero, which they’re also going to tell in the upcoming movie.

I must admit that every time I’ve tried to read the Green Lantern in the store, I never seem to be able to get into it. Unlike the latest writers for Superman and Power Girl, the story and dialogue doesn’t seem to connect me to the characters, their personalities, weaknesses, passions, etc. I like it when I really feel connected to the characters and I usually don’t feel that when I read Green Lantern. Obviously a lot of people do like it, else they wouldn’t be buying it up en mass. Also, I was recently talking to someone at the shop and they commented that the current story arc right now has so many characters and is constantly introducing more, that that tends to lend itself to being a bit impersonal feeling.

So, I picked up a free Green Lantern and another comic (a manga) on Free Comic Book Day.

Dungeons and Dragons

From Seventeen, Feb. 1972, p.125.

Of course I can’t get around to blogging about everything in my life, and I haven’t actually blogged much lately about our Dungeons and Dragons gaming. I’ve got a housemate who is a Dungeon Master for a little group that meets in our house. We met together on Saturday night to continue our adventure around the dining room table. After a several long adventures, we’re now exploring a little city in the mountains.

It is an ancient city of tombs, but people now live there and in harmony with the ghosts who ‘live’ throughout the city. We’ve been going around exploring the tombs and other places to explore, getting to know the locals, upgrading our weapons, armor, etc., and also are in the process of finding out what we should do next.

We had dinner with a druid half-elf who lives in a small tower in the city, is good friends with a local bird flock, and as one of hir magic powers can turn hirself into a swarm of insects. We also got in the good graces of the local trade guild chief and played games in one of the local bars.

Hanging out at The Corner Pocket

Later in the evening after quite a few hours of gaming, I headed over to the Enchantress of Alvarado’s place. Ze has converted hir garage into a bar, now named “The Corner Pocket,” and myself, the Enchantress, Trust Fund Girl, a housemate of Trust Fund Girl, and Queen Rialta all hung out late, drinking to our hearts’ content, watching Rebecca Black’s “Friday” (which Queen Rialta had not yet seen!), drank more, and watched Saturday Night Live.

From Djyturz.

I have to say, one of the strangest things I experience now is being around people who are on Facebook and have peapods (I’m not on Facebook, nor do I have a cellphone). Something crazy wonderful happens and these people are instantantly on their peapods posting the news to Facebook and then “liking” (whatever that means) each others’ stuff. It’s just so weird. I’m sitting there and everyone there but myself are suddenly surfing their glowing little peapods.

The most hilarious thing of the evening had to be watching Michael Bolton on SNL. Trust Fund Girl is totally in love with Michael Bolton, so it was a BIG deal that we were all there watching it together while ze spaced out googly eyed in love laughing hir arse off at the total funniness of the music video. Pretty damn brilliant though to say the least.

Living it up in Pomona.

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