From Seventeen, Feb. 1972, p.125.

Well, once again I caught the Craigslist Rideshare to the SF Bay Area. Craigslist Rideshare is just one more sign of the new heaven and new earth, the free wonderful world of traveling everywhere for free, living for free, doing only what you absolutely love, and enjoying it together, to the hilt.

Every time I catch the rideshare, it is always so super fabulous. You get to meet all sorts of diverse people and this trip was no different – I caught a ride with someone who was a retired real estate sales person. Ze had mirgrated here from a China when ze was young and did well in real estate. Ze was just on their way up to the Bay Area to visit their parents.

With rideshare, you always have great conversations, we talked about living life when you are older compared to when one is younger. Marrying and remarrying. Relationships between parents and siblings as one gets older. Conspiracy theories. The government recently coming clean that there are indeed UFOs. Communism in China. Gas prices – which we saw as high as $5 along highway 5. And the wonderful value of carpooling.

So if you haven’t checked out the Craigslist Rideshare, it can be a great resource for cheaper, and funner, travel!

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