Superman #711

This weekend has been fabulous so far. I went to Funny Business on Friday and picked up the latest Superman edition, #711. I must admit that the story line appears to be changing and it doesn’t look like for the better. Superman seems to be finding hir way back to being an unconditional flag waver for the red white and blue, not that that is bad, but it was nice to see hir meditating on the possibility of something else. Later, after reading through it I thought I’d write down my thoughts to send into the “Letter to the Editor” section at the end of the each edition. Here’s part of my letter that I’ve flown out by email this morning:

From Superman #711, p.29.

I have loved, loved, loved Straczynski’s Grounded series. It’s my understanding that Superman has historically been a cheerleader for America and the Red, White, and Blue; I’m not suggesting that that was bad, but right now, due to being in a post-information age, so many of us now are having to re-process everything we thought we knew about America and living together, not only as sovereign individual people, but as now a global society having to rethink the meaning of what freedom and especially justice really are. That Superman himself has also been going through this personal, soul searching about it all, too, hits home in my mind above and beyond any of the other comic I’ve read in the last year.

Again and again, in the current story arc, Superman has been confronted by people across America about the meaning of justice and the meaning of freedom, that they are rethinking it, and Superman is forced to as well.

This week I just picked up the latest Superman #711, but also in #710, we see that Superman is returning to his cheerleader boy scout status again of singing the praises of a disturbingly vague “freedom” and “justice”. That reprocessing journey has not concluded for myself and so many others, I so do hope that Superman will be continuing with us. I saw a glimmer of Superman’s continued journey in Action Comics #900 with his renouncing his U.S. Citizenship. I really don’t like the idea of a global government, that is too big – the end isn’t clear in my mind – but I hope that Superman will continue his personal journey. It is really wonderful to see that even the best of us, even Superman, is struggling with the paradoxes all around us right now. Please don’t let it end with him just blindly waving a flag.

Also, not only is the writing just phenomenal, but Barrows’ and Mayer’s illustration and coloring are simply spectacular, brilliant and impressive, two of the very best at DC!

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.3, p.16.

It is also interesting and amusing to note the prolific use of the cellphone throughout DC Comics. In this issue, Superman used it several times, and in Power Girl #13, the characters were using them to not only talk to each other, but to get sensor readings. Yeah, sure there are times when they’ll talk to others with one of their own devices, but generally they don’t.

Then yesterday, I finally got in the mail the back issues of Power Girl that I’ve been waiting for. Now I have all the issues so far of Power Girl written by Judd Winick and art by Sami Basri and Sunny Gho. Already reading the back issues, I am most happy to say that they are just as superb as the present ones. I love it!

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