Diet Soda & Disneyland

Diet Sodas

So what is up with diet sodas? I personally know three different people who drink diet soda like crazy and two of them are overweight! So I’m online today and notice an article on diet sodas, and if two out of three isn’t a sign, then I’m not sure what is – but this article may surely be, too. Well, that doesn’t even matter, cause everything’s coming up roses! Yay!

The Wonderful Locomotive, by Cornelia Meigs, from within Hornbook, v.4, n.3, p.33.


Went to Disneyland last weekend, top three most wonderful things I did: 1) A Bugs Life movie called, “It’s Tough to be a Bugtotally cool, 2) was one of the first to ride (it was it’s first day of operation) Goofy’s Sky School, and 3) the new Little Mermaid ride was pretty cool too. I think they could have done it a bit better, but it was extremely memorable.

It was actually a rather odd experience being at the Disney theme parks with the Enchantress of Alvarado. Since ze is a Disney Imagineer, we got to hear the inside designer scoop on a lot of the rides we went on. And they also had a Blue Sky Cellar, which is basically a gallery showing off all of the latest stuff coming out of Imagineering and the coolest thing there was to see a bunch of drawings done by the Prince of Pasadena! Ze had designed the floor layout for the new Little Mermaid ride and, – seeing hir name – , it was kinda cool to be able to say, “I know hir!!!!!” Oh the glamour! lololol!

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