Hot Summer Days

OH, THE HOT SUMMER DAYS… It’s been pretty dang hot lately, but been cooling off a bit. The Enchantress of Alvarado has a backyard pool which I took a dip in the other day and it was so incredibly nice. Wow. It’s not the biggest pool ever, but me and the other people in there had a great time swimming around and around and making the pool water swirl in one direction. Then when we switched directions it was pretty awesome cause it felt like we were swimming upstream! Actually, really fun stuff. :)

The Church of the SubGenius had their annual X-Day this week on July 5th. Unfortunately, this must not have been July 5th, 1998 since I and so many other SubGenii were not taken up into the pleasure saucers of the sex goddesses. lol.

If anything, it’s nice that the fall is on the way to take away the summer heat.

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