Coyotes, Vacations, and Bible Study


Things in Pomona continue on as usual. Going about the neighborhood the other day I caught up with folks and the latest news is that a coyote is wandering the neighborhood, so watch out for your kitty-cats or other small household creatures that they won’t get swallowed whole by the neighborhood coyote.

Sprained Ankle

I sprained my ankle a few days ago and have been giving my foot a vacation the past few days, icing it lots, elevating it, trying to walk the least that I can. A lot of the time in the past when I’ve sprained one of them, mostly out of necessity to get things done I really didn’t give it a good proper vacation to let it recover, but instead just kept walking on it, swollen and in pain, until it recovered. The recovery usually took a whole lot longer and I was in tons of pain.

And strangely, I know a lot of folks who are retired nurses or have worked in related activities, and this time I’m taking their advice to give it a proper recovery-vacation. Oddly, now I am considering other aspects of my life that I really don’t give myself recovery-vacations regarding.

Bible Study Group

My church Bible study group continues to meet regularly. It amazes me that we’ve been meeting together as a group for so long, two and a half years now. We are in the middle of Exodus presently, we read through the 10 commandments and bunch of other stuff, and last week we read about Moses coming off the top of the mountain and the people had built a gold calf they were worshiping. It was a pretty hilarious chapter. In it, Moses was chilling out at the top of Mount Sinai with God and God suddenly noticed that the people had built this golden calf and were worshiping it, absolutely infuriated that they had turned from worshiping him, he told Moses that he would kill all of the Israelites now! and make Moses and his children his people. At that moment, Moses freaked out! and turned to God and basically said, “Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t wipe them all out! Remember! Remember that you had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and those others that their kids would be your people!” It was just so funny, God forgot his promise, and in a fit of anger almost backtracked on all ze’d said in the past, if not for Moses being there to reason with hir. Hilarious!

That is one of the most interesting things about God in the Old Testament – God is emotional, gets angry easily, but also has a soft, merciful side, and can be reasoned with. Fascinating.

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