Humidity, etc.

Wow, was yesterday humid or what!? It was like living on the east coast or in the south or something. Weird weather! Thunderstorms and lightening cackled through the sky, leaving in their wake hot humidity so thick you could almost slice it with a knife as they say.

So I chilled out indoors mostly, made my way over to church, since it is a Sunday, and enjoyed the coffee hour there after the service. Outside of humidity, it was a usual laid back Sunday.


On another note, in this blog I have really sought to not talk about my own sexual orientations and gendered persuasions, but I was recently down at The Hook Up, a gay/lesbian bar in Pomona, and I must confess, it is soooooooo nice to have such venues to convene and especially have public displays of affection with folks of the same sex, and it being totally okay and cool. I love it. Pomona rocks! Sitting at the bar and making out with another girl, it’s just queerly wonderful.

Website work

I’ve been so busy lately trying a different approach to web-business stuff, I’ve been trying to incorporate ads into some of my websites to see what kind of financial benefits that might have. I’m still keeping this site ad-free, except for local folks and groups I think might be good to promote. Anyway, that has been a major adventure lately.

DC Comics published my letter in Power Girl #26

Yes, I wrote in a letter to the editor, guess what????? They published it in the back of the latest issue of Power Girl!!!! Yay! When I went down the other day to Funny Business to pick it up and I saw my letter in the back, I was so stoked!!!! Joey, one of the owners of Funny Business told me that it is very rare to get a letter published since they get literally thousands of them sent in, so I ought to be proud.

So if you look at the letters pages in the back of issue #26, you’ll see my name and under it, “Pomona, CA.” Yay Pomona! My hope is that they will listen to their fan base and continue to put out the most simply amazing and most wonderful comics ever about Power Girl. Power Girl is awesome!

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