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I was walking down the street this very sweltering hot day today and passed by a house in my neighborhood with a sign in the front bearing the words Don’t Trash And that’s it. I checked it out and I’d heard about this proposal before – to put a trash transfer station in Pomona – but it was nice to see a coherently put together website to inform me about the details, helping me make my own approval or disapproval of it much more certain. They make some pretty compelling arguments; here are a couple of the major ones:

• It being noisy and pollutive while simultaneously being close to domiciles and schools.
• Lots of heavy truck traffic which definitely takes a toll on roads, especially when so many roads in Pomona already really need repaving and/or repair with “a total of 610 truck trips per day” coming and going.
• Our city, Pomona, already has a waste transfer station to handle city trash, but this one will be a regional waste transfer station.

From Hornbook, v.2, n.3, p.26

There is a reason that trucks have to stop at freeway weigh stations, because the more they weigh, the more damage they cause to the roads when traveling – so if they are above x or y amounts they are charged increasingly large fees to travel the highways. This is really no different. Increased traffic by heavier vehicles means increased road repairs in our city. And as this would be a regional station, these trucks will be coming from many directions along many roads through our city. That does not sound good to me.

As well, along with increased road traffic also comes the added noise and pollution of so freaking many dumptrucks careening down so many Pomona streets. We’ve already got freight trains running through the heart of the city. We want more noise and pollution now? Overall, this sounds like a very bad idea.

For more information, again, visit or check the excellent latest news about this issue posted on their Facebook page. And be sure to write to or speak to your City Council representative about voting against this proposal, and even go to the Pomona Waste Transfer Station Planning Commission Public Hearing on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. to voice concerns to the Planning Commission itself.

Pomona is the wellest city ever! :)

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