Summer Rolls On

Summer continues. The county fair began once again yesterday here in Pomona. Summer is clearly hitting other parts of the country in a bit different ways than here. We got earthquakes and hurricanes in the northeast, hurricanes in the south as usual, and flooding in the midwest in parts.

While here in Pomona everything is awesome! :) We’ve managed to steer clear of major earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

The Virgin Mary and “Bob”.

The 9-11 ten year anniversary comes up next week. Actually, even though it may have happened, it doesn’t even seem real in my memory. Like some sort of stupid bulldada. It’s not that I’m uncaring, it’s just that I kind of see this turning into another Nazi holocaust deal, where everyone wants to play it up, again, and again, and again. Like a broken record that humanity is damn tired of hearing, at least I’m sick of it.

A part of that perspective maybe just that I’ve gotten into SubGenius stuff so much that I just see most everything as manufactured fake craziness. But maybe part of it is that so much is falling apart right now, and 9-11 is now just an added lame holiday.

In my church’s Bible study group (we’re in the middle of Leviticus), the priest who has been joining us for most all of our gatherings has been trying to convert us all to be into praying to Mary, and incorporating Mary into our worship. Although all time and space are present before me and thus Mary is pretty much always my buddy, I’m still not completely a convert.

Ze gave us a book about Mary and it is going around the group now and we’re each making our way through it. The book is definitely giving me insights about Mary that I had never considered before.

From Power Girl #26, p.35, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

Our groups’ readings lately have been especially enlightening regarding topics of humans playing with the concept death. From the time that Adam and Eve partook of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, humans have been obsessed with the idea of killing each other (starting the Cain and Abel), and obsessed with the idea that blood or death sacrifice is this necessary thing to overcome the death condition. A death to overcome death — that sounds like really messed up logic to me. “Oh, now we’ve got this thing called ‘death’ and we can plug it into this equation of a – b = c. To restore the situation, maybe we can kill something else to bring the ‘life’ back into the equation?” All these Old Testament death sacrifices for sin that we’re presently reading about in Leviticus are simply setting up more and more equations.

Humans, we are such interesting creatures, to think that death will somehow overcome death. And we think, too, that somehow memorializing death, the deaths of 9-11, will somehow help end it forever, that we’ll somehow learn our lesson. Maybe they should just put up a memorial to Abel!

Or maybe a little alcohol will help the situation. Cheers! Here’s to you Pomona!

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