Holiday Fun, and more!


Well, thanksgiving has passed. I still have so much leftover stuffing, it’s crazy. lol. But I’ll admit, I am looking forward to eating it. It was a grand two days of Thanksgiving to be sure. Thanksgiving day was a feast with housemates, and then last night was a Thanksgiving feast with a bunch of good friends: The Enchantress of Alvarado, Trust Fund Girl, Queen Rialta, the Prince of Pasadena, and hir significant other, who I’ll call Racy Runway. It was a fantastic time as usual. We had it at Queen Rialta’s place, got drunk off our patooties, and people actually drank out of “Red Solo Cups”!

Trust Fund Girl actually made this absolutely amazing drink. It was the wellest! A bit of some ruby vodka, some red sparkling wine, and orange juice. Wow. Delicious!!!! And it inebriates great too!

Racy Runway and Trust Fund Girl got super caught up in talking about America’s Next Top Model. They are both super into it, and they decided that they have so much in common that they must’ve been separated at birth.

It was so wonderful to hang out with all of them as usual. That night, it was pretty much the core of our party group. I ate so much food. Ug. But it was so delicious. And then we all ended up playing Apples to Apples – a now classic party game for many a group. On my Thanksgiving night gathering, my housemates and I enjoyed playing Cranium. And that night we came up with a new phrase, “Light Speed Rail”! It’s not Light Rail, we want Light Speed Rail. lol.

Red Box-aholoic

Yes friends, I have become a Red Box-aholic. I’ll walk over to Staters to get some groceries, maybe not much at all, but there — it waits for me. It calls to me. It tempts me. So I get a movie. Favorite movie I’ve seen on Red Box lately: Rango. A great, super-fun movie. Totally cute. I absolutely loved it. In the carpooling to post-Thanksgiving last night, Trust Fund Girl raved about the latest Muppet movie. Ze said that it is just soooo fantastically good. Actually, while driving there, we were also listening to a special Muppet Radio Station on Sirius XM!

WordPress Plugins

In other news, if some of you don’t know, I use the computer program called WordPress to run this blog. I also build most websites for my clients using WordPress as my predominate platform of choice. Well, with the last major release, version 3.2, they made the logout so you had to click twice to logout. Twice!!!! Once to open a menu, then I had to move my mouse all the way down the menu to the bottom and click a second time. Actually, such a situation is almost like having to click three times to logout! It was absolutely outrageous!

Eventually while using the program, I just couldn’t stand it anymore and went to the trouble to write a plugin that one could install within their WordPress site. I called it “One Click Logout.” And it works great!

Next week though, after going through three beta releases, they’re expecting to put out a brand new release of WordPress — 3.3. So in the past maybe two weeks I’ve been busy trying to make the plugin compatible with the latest release. In the end, I decided to fork the project and release one plugin to function under certain circumstances, and a second, called “One Click Logout Barless,” to work under other conditions.

Anyway, I am sooooo happy so say that I’m all done programming both of them! I’ve already released the “Barless” version both on a personal site and on the site, and when version 3.3 officially comes out next week, I’ll be upgrade the regular version, too, on my site and on theirs. Yay! Well, it’s been great fun to me. If you are running a WordPress site, definitely check out my plugins. :)

Update Dec. 2
WordPress pushed back their release date. The latest release may not be til mid-December. Oh well. I’m ready whenever the red carpet is rolled out!

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