Christmas is Here

Ahhh Christmas is nearly here. I’ve been eating Christmasy type candies like crazy. A friend of mine says the holiday calories, they don’t count. ;) As if one could count calories.

From Justice League #4, p.8, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

I’m lost in the blur lately about so much web work – it’s just crazy. And more fun worky just keeps coming my way.

Went to Funny Business this week to pick up my latest comics for the week. This week: Justice League and Supergirl were out, and both were absolutely fantastic. Supergirl has been a bit slow with plot and character development that felt really meaningful, but this edition, #4 was just so amazing. Justice League was fantastic, too. The best parts of Justice League were the fantastically witty dialogue as usual, but also, for some reason, the drawings of Aquaman and Wonder Woman were both so gorgeous and droolingly wonderful. Aquaman is just so hot looking, and the drawings of Wonder Woman were so cute beyond anything. Great stuff. Aquaman made hir first appearance in issue #3, but introductions took place in this issue, thus Wonder Woman’s line to the right, “Greetings, Aquaman.”

Outside of that, the tree is up, the presents are under the tree, and I am sooooo anxious for Christmas morning!!!!

Merry Christmas!

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